How Million Dollar Luxe Became L.A.’s Top Source of High-End, Short-Term Rentals

Written in partnership with Jordan Finkle

How Million Dollar Luxe Became L.A.'s Top Source of High-End, Short-Term Rentals

Owning a home in the coveted Los Angeles area may seem like a dream to outsiders looking in, but for the global elite capable of affording properties of such high caliber, purchasing a property in L.A. may be more of a headache than a fantasy. From property taxes to maintenance fees, the hassles that come with property ownership are numerous; especially considering the hectic schedules of many high-net-worth individuals and celebrities, the prospect of purchasing a long-term home in L.A. is a non-starter for some of these people. The unique demands of this exclusive group have opened the doors for a new solution catering to this segment of the population. As a result, the luxury short-term rental market in Los Angeles is thriving.

While numerous rental companies have attempted to make an impact in the L.A. area, no company has been able to thread the needle for high-profile clients and corner the short-term luxury rental market quite like Million Dollar Luxe. Rather than simply curating a property that fits these renters’ luxury checklist, Million Dollar Luxe takes things to the next level by transforming these short-term rental properties into livable, neutral homes specifically tweaked to appeal to its target clientele’s tastes. This means no impersonal staged projects for picky patrons that prefer a more personal touch; the Million Dollar Luxe team takes charge of redecoration and minor repairs so that clients can not only seamlessly transition into their chosen short-term luxury rental, but also feel right at home.

Elite customer care has become an integral aspect of Million Dollar Luxe’s renowned concierge services, helping handle its clientele’s every want and need with ease. Keenly aware of the high standards held by its clients – which include championship-winning professional athletes, chart-topping musicians, buzzy Hollywood celebrities, and some of the globe’s most impactful movers and shakers – the Million Dollar Luxe team leaves no stone unturned in its quest to satisfy all of their client’s unique asks.

From booking incredible chefs for last-minute dinner plans to securing the perfect arrangement of rare flowers for special occasions with little time to spare, Million Dollar Luxe’s client service capabilities know no bounds. Additionally, the high-end concierge division of Million Dollar Luxe facilitates luxury transportation requests such as acquiring the perfect yachts and helicopters for a weekend jaunt. Of course, the concierge team can also handle logistics like hiring must-have staffers such as translators, babysitters, and bodyguards as well as. Simply put, Million Dollar Luxe gives clients a 360-degree scope of luxury service and bespoke amenities unparalleled to anything else on the market.

One of Million Dollar Luxe’s most in demand properties of the moment is Vista Modern, a five-bedroom single story home located in the always sought-after Beverly Hills’ Trousdale Estates communities. The living area’s expansive glass pocket doors create a lush indoor-outdoor living experience, while tasteful neutral architectural features invoke a cozy yet decidedly spacious vibe that can be easily customized to short-term renters’ specific needs.

For the more glam-oriented clientele, Million Dollar Luxe’s Villa Legende offers close proximity to the bustling Sunset Strip while maintaining the intimate privacy required by clients of such a caliber. With a unique blend of modern details and vintage art deco chic, Villa Legende’s sprawling four bedroom complex is the epitome of Hollywood living.

On the other end of the spectrum, Million Dollar Luxe has built a great reputation not just with its elite pool of renters, but also with property owners across the greater Los Angeles area. This double-sided approach helps Million Dollar Luxe secure some of the most sought-after homes in the market since they are known for giving owners peace of mind. The Million Dollar Luxe team does not only treat all of their clients’ properties with the utmost care and attention, but they are also committed to maximizing their clients’ return on investment.

“Every wealthy person that I know rents their houses,” reveals Million Dollar Luxe’s founder and CEO Marina Drabkin. “Do these executives and celebrities need to rent out their homes? Of course not. However, for those who know how to find the market and deliver quality, the opportunity is too great to ignore. While it may be shocking for the average reader to learn, this is exactly why so many high-net-worth individuals are renting their homes. They are making too much money to stop.”

As the U.S. real estate sector continues to heat up, expect Million Dollar Luxe to maintain its status as the premier source of luxury short-term rentals in Los Angeles for the years to come.

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