How Rare Strains From Premium Cannabis Brand Zootiez Became the Go-To of Industry Aficionados

How Rare Strains From Premium Cannabis Brand Zootiez Became the Go-To of Industry Aficionados
Kelin Dillon

As the U.S. cannabis industry continues to expand on the back of state-wide legalization efforts, the public’s embracement of the potent plant has created a sector of cannabis consumers where quality, flavor and potency are all held as paramount. Now, acquiring cannabis can be akin to sourcing a sought-after wine for this audience, with connoisseurs acting as sommeliers in their own right and enjoying fine strains with nuanced appreciation.

With nine-in-ten Americans approving some form of cannabis legalization, and the U.S. government exploring the opportunities for cannabis’ nationwide legitimization through the federal legislature, this demand for high-quality buds is only expected to rise in turn. As such, key players in the contemporary cannabis space are out to prove to both consumers and investors alike that careful cultivation practices and maintaining a lofty standard of excellence should become the norm industry-wide.

That being said, trailblazing companies like the highly-popular luxury cannabis brand Zootiez are leading by example on the power of a maverick mentality in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Carving out its own unique path for itself rather than remain within the confines of conventional cannabis brands, California-based Zootiez has made a name for itself as one of the United States’ foremost luxury brands in the space, acting as the Rolls-Royce of cannabis with its variety of rare, proprietary tastes.

To create such high-end and flavorful strains, the Zootiez Connoisseurs-men – the backbone behind the brand’s growing dominance, legacy breeders and growers with more than 30 years of combined experience – have insisted on the strictest quality control processes from the very beginning of the cultivation process all the way until the product hits retail shelves. Keen to continue developing more and more rare strains, Zootiez insists on hiring the best of the best in cultivators and breeders to bring Zootiez cannabis up to the level of excellence and potency the brand has become so known for, earning prominent fans in public figures from rappers to movie stars to A-List celebrities.

With the intent to reach a level of prestige only paralleled by luxury brands like Richard Millie and Hermes, Zootiez’s founder – a native of Humboldt, California – has committed to keeping Zootiez cultivation processes to rigorous standards Northern California production has become globally renowned for, as well as bringing on board sharp creative minds and visionaries to help propel the Zootiez brand to the high goals it wishes to achieve.

Using luxury fashion industry disruptors like Virgil Abloh as a blueprint of the impact Zootiez looks to implement throughout the cannabis industry, the brand’s continual innovation of the cannabis gene pool breeding process and its phenotypes has created intriguing new strains with robust flavor profiles that are redefining consumers’ expected caliber of Ultra Premium Cannabis across California and the United States. With a consistent attention-to-detail and wholehearted embracement of emerging technology, Zootiez’ expert cultivators and harvesters ensure that every strain that goes out to consumers is the Highest Grade Zootiez around.

As the U.S. cannabis industry is anticipated to continue its upward trajectory in the years to come, expect paradigm-shifting brands like Zootiez to lead the way into this new era of increased cannabis cultivation with high-end sophistication – an ethos Zootiez hopes to extend to the rest of the world as it fixes an eye on expanding its international presence. The Zootiez team is intent on driving the positive and sincere values of Northern California cannabis culture across the globe. With a hot start, an unparalleled signature strain, and an experienced team, we expect Zootiez to continue to disrupt the market.