How to Raise Confident Kids With Positive Parenting: Interview With Jenny Warner, Chief Empowerment Officer of

How to Raise Confident Kids With Positive Parenting: Interview With Jenny Warner, Chief Empowerment Officer of
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In the world of parenting, there is a new light that is a beacon for those who may be struggling to connect with their kids that makes them feel like they are doing their best. Parents are looking for a parenting guide and they want to learn how to do positive parenting.

We all have our baggage and none of us wants to share the negative aspects of the legacy that comes from generations. It’s been said that if we can make small changes in this generation, it can benefit the next 7 generations to come.

How to Raise Confident Kids With Positive Parenting: Interview With Jenny Warner, Chief Empowerment Officer of
Jenny Warner

Jenny Warner, Chief Empowerment Officer of is spreading that beacon of light out into the world by helping parents coach their kids to figure out who they are, before the world dumps its expectations on them. She is a life coach and parent empowerment coach. iShineBrite helps not only parents, but individuals shed the layers of “stuff” that piles on us as we grow up and figure out how to get back to the core of who we are as individuals. Through her programs, you will learn how to be a happy human and how to raise confident kids.

So Jenny, how did you get into Parent empowerment coaching?

I spent years in the PTO/PTA world of my kid’s schools and was able to see that kids just want to be heard and seen. They have amazing imaginations and ideas and they want to do big things. During the time that we were able to spend with our kids during Covid, we got a much better glimpse into their world. We discovered what they were and were not learning in school, found out more about their exposure to the world of technology, including gaming and social media, and also began to see firsthand their developing worries, anxieties, and wishes.

I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t want to be a better parent and who doesn’t want the best for their kids. I knew that I could bridge the gap and help the parents and kids connect in a deeper way than they have never experienced before.

How did I get to where you are?

I spent 25 years in corporate HR. I saw people succeed and I saw people self-sabotage and fall hard and fast. I discovered that humans tend to over-complicate life. After deciding to leave the corporate world, I wanted to focus on the positives and coach people to live better lives for themselves, so I became a life coach. I soon came to realize that parents needed support. Parents have to help their kids navigate through normal kid stuff that they had to go through, but also so many new challenges. Parents need a parenting guide for raising kids today.

What is iShineBrite?

I like to say that this is the manual that we all wish we were given when we bring our babies home. This is parent empowerment coaching. Parents or caregivers learn how to coach their kids to become self-aware, self-confident kids who become independent thinkers and resilient humans. Once kids know what makes them happy, what they find challenging, figure out how to overcome those challenges for themselves and discover what makes them unique and proud of those gifts that they bring to the world, they can make the best decisions for themselves. They respect themselves and therefore take the time to do what they know is best for them. I truly believe that when we can empower the kids to learn who they are, they unleash infinite possibilities that might otherwise have become limited by external factors, and try to fit them into a box of expectations. My hope is that this generation will be able to work with others to save the world. They have the tools and resources, we just have to love them enough to support them while simultaneously staying out of their way as they propel into the future.

That’s quite an optimistic outlook. Tell me abo but how you do that?

Our website is a great place to start. There are links to articles on How to be your authentic self, Parenting Styles, Who am I?, and much more.

We also have a few programs as e-courses training parents on how to become their kid’s coach for life. These programs are age-specific and are called “How to raise a happy human” The Primary course is for kids in the age range of 3-10 and our Secondary course is for kids in the age range of 11-18. There is also a course that Parents go through for themselves called “How to be a happy human”. In these programs there are activities, journal prompts, discussion topics, and quotes that help solidify the topics of the various modules. Individual and group coaching is also available along with great resources and a Spotify playlist that will make anyone feel good.

It seems that there really is something for everyone with these programs.

I truly do want each individual to realize their worth. If people realize what makes them happy, they worry less about what others are thinking and doing. If we worry less about what others are thinking or doing we will be more collaborative and cohesive. If we are more collaborative and cohesive, the world will be a better place. Who doesn’t want that? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you could leave one message for the world that everyone will hear, what would it be?

Take the time to figure out who your true authentic self is. You are not the wounded child of your past. Once you remember who you truly are you don’t need to look externally for validation. There is no need to succumb to peer pressure or going to extreme measures in an attempt to please others. You are safe and comfortable in your own skin. You are an amazing and unique puzzle piece that will help to complete the incredible masterpiece that is this life. Be your own puzzle piece, let your true self shine bright for all to see, and inspire others to do the same. You’ve outgrown staying small, it doesn’t fit you anymore. The benefits of living life as your true authentic self far outweigh the risk!! And final thought is this, as a parent be a safety net for your kids, not a straightjacket.