HungryPanda Calls for the Sustainable Development of Chinese Culinary Industry and the Reduction of Food Waste

HungryPanda Calls for the Sustainable Development of Chinese Culinary Industry and the Reduction of Food Waste
Helen Bell made a speech to call for food support.

“Golden Panda” 2022 International Chinese Food Awards Gala and 2023 Global Food Delivery Industry Trends Summit has just concluded in Melbourne. The summit provided insight and exploration into the development of the global Chinese food industry, and called for the sustainable development of the Chinese catering and food delivery industry and the reduction of social issues such as food waste.

Since 2017, HungryPanda has empowered the International Chinese delivery industry through its global expansion, accumulation of operational experience and user behavior data and most importantly, its community involvement and giving.

With a shared objective for the good purpose of the Golden Panda Gala, HungryPanda and Foodbank Australia, the largest food relief organization providing food and groceries to charities and school breakfast programs in every state and territory set up a fundraising program to address the food waste and food insecurity crisis happening in Australia. 

“We are thrilled to receive support from HungryPanda at the Golden Panda Awards,” said Helen Bell, National Partnership Manager, Foodbank Australia Ltd. “In the last year, 2 million households across Australia went hungry at some point. Even more alarmingly, 1.3 million children lived in severely food-insecure households,” added Bell. “The current environment of rising interest rates and cost of living means that support from organizations like HungryPanda is needed more than ever, we are extremely grateful for their support.”

Kitty Lu, Director of Public Affairs at HungryPanda, said that: “according to the report, the average per capita food waste is 11.7% by customers in Chinese culinary industry, and the waste can reach to as high as 18 million tons, equivalent to the use of food for 50 million people. Because of this, it is imperative to reduce food waste in the culinary industry. Not only will it help improve the industry’s waste problem, but in a larger sense it will help achieve food security, food safety and food quality, while achieving nutritional value.”


During the summit, HungryPanda raised 22,722 meals for Australians in need. Through the Golden Panda International Chinese Food Summit, HungryPanda is not only urging users and businesses to reduce food waste, but also joining forces with Foodbank Australia to improve the waste situation and give extra groceries to people in need, reducing the number of families suffering from hunger and helping everyone to survive the current food shortage.