IC Realtime Rolls Out Color-Matching Designer Line

IC Realtime Rolls Out Color-Matching Designer Line

Florida-based camera company puts its “skins in the game” for 2021.

Security cameras are usually white or black, but Pompano Beach, FL based security camera company IC Realtime is now offering cameras in color and surface matching choices. Integrators can now customize camera finishes to blend in with carefully designed environments.

Finishes can match woodgrains or interior laminates to become less obtrusive and present a more finished look. Coatings can be custom matched, and IC Realtime can match-finish other integrator-provided trim objects like switch plates and outlet covers. For high-end AV integrators, this is a luxurious level of “bespoke” customization and a touch that can help clinch a high-end job deal.

“This is perfect where design considerations dictate that everything blends organically,” according to Matt Sailor, IC Realtime CEO and an AV enthusiast himself.

But Sailor points out that this technology is far more useful than just cosmetic environment matching. While initially intended for the luxury AV integrator, he also sees a more practical side. The same process can also be used to make outdoor cameras blend into a wooded background so well that they virtually disappear. And it gives an additional level of environmental protection as a bonus.

“I can see this being the go-to choice for tree mounted cameras looking back at a structure or covering driveways,” Sailor points out. In wooded environments, camo cameras pointed at game trails can provide a welcome look at nature and local wildlife for the family as well.”

Frank Fishman, IC Realtime’s President of Business Development, believes the Designer Line will appeal primarily to high-end AV integrators, but color matching has “stealth camera” security possibilities, too. When used for retail interiors, matching camera finish to bold color accent areas makes them blend into the background.

“Retail designers & managers don’t want a store bristling with cameras, and loss prevention knows thieves check everywhere on the ceiling for cameras,” according to Fishman. “But cameras virtually disappear when color coated to match a display or department sign. Suddenly security can see what the thieves are trying to hide.”

Although IC Realtime’s Designer Line will roll out with a limited palette, the selection will quickly grow. There are hundreds of choices – so many, in fact, that listing them all is an issue. Fishman recommends emailing or texting pics of the environment you are trying to match to your IC Realtime factory rep and letting us do the work.

“Too much choice – what a wonderful problem to have,” chuckled Fishman.