Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq Highlight Importance of Digital Platforms in Business

Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq Highlights Importance of Digital Platforms in Business

One of the first things that people do when researching or trying to contact a business, is to look it up online. Whether they want to make an online purchase or see if the entity is reliable, people are looking for a website or social media platform for the information they need. One expert in digital marketing is using this shift in user habits to his advantage and taking other business owners on the ride with him.

The importance of a strong digital presence

Although the idea of creating a strong digital presence can seem overwhelming to the average business owner, Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq are making the process simple. With their expertise in digital marketing, they are helping companies increase revenue and stand out in this competitive landscape. They built their legacy on taking a multi-channel approach, which includes strategies like ad-buying, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. With experience working with professionals in the medical space, leading attorneys, and top e-commerce brands, Tariq has refined their approach to be the best it can be. This takes all of the guesswork for business owners out of the equation, ensuring that they don’t have to spend time and resources figuring everything out for themselves.

Imran Tariq practices what he preaches, and together with his co-founders, they created a stellar online presence for their own company, WebMetrix Group. Tariq has paved the way for themselves and their colleagues at WebMetrix to solidify a strong online profile. Part of this strategy is seen in the group’s involvement with a relevant podcast in their field. Listeners can hear Imran and his team interview other podcast producers about their innovative approaches, great reputations across many platforms, and their goals to help others. In addition to the podcast, they also use social media as a tool to connect with people and improve their reputation.

Using social media to build credibility

Although a company’s website is important for connecting with an audience, the best way to increase credibility and make a name for yourself is through social media. Many leaders may think that accounts like these are frivolous, but they are becoming more and more important in this digital landscape. Aimee has built a following on social media, but more importantly, Imran has verified accounts with less than 1,000 followers. Verified accounts show users that the account and the person running it are real, meaning they can be trusted. Social media accounts can be used to share information with other people or show a more personal side to a business. Imran & Aimee uses the platforms for both of these things. They share advice and inspirational messages, as well as information about the business. These are also great places for them to share when they have been featured in a publication. The combination of all of these posts shows current followers, or anyone new who finds their profiles, that they are a trustworthy resource.

The goal of a strong digital presence is to create accessibility with the masses.