Is ClickStream Corp an Underrated Tech Stock?

With Nifter and NFTs setting the table for the future all while HeyPal's rise continues

Is ClickStream Corp an Underrated Tech Stock?

The market cannot stop talking about NFTs. Because non-fungible tokens can verify the authenticity of non-fungible assets, they usher in an era of higher transparency, security, and speed. So when Clickstream Corporation company Nifter was rumored to bring music NFTs to the marketplace, investors were naturally keyed up on the idea.

Now that significant artists are potentially in talks with Nifter to issue their one-of-a-kind piece of art, it is beginning to look like the parent company is highly undervalued. Pair the NFT foray with the rise of Clickstreams language learning app HeyPal, and you begin to see how the future may bring serious value to shareholders. Some of the new features include:

  • A premium membership level for HeyPal users
  • Tremendous new learning features on a steadily growing language learning app
  • A PenPal feature that matches HeyPal™ users with new friends
  • Driving Deeper connections with a more social approach to language learning
  • Suggestive Messaging that bridges the gap between HeyPal users more efficiently than ever before

HeyPals new features and expanding growth model are showing promise on iOS and Android operating systems. As a result, users download the app in increasing numbers and stay on the app longer.

Unveiling of HeyPal’s Latest Features

January 2022 is starting with a bang as clickstream subsidiary Nebula Software Corporation introduces new features to its hey pal language learning app.

These features continue to echo the innovative approach of HeyPal CEO Jonathan Maxim. Additionally, users are expanding their experience and staying on the app longer.

Strengthening social connections is at the heart of every one of the new features, including the latest premium membership level. Each HeyPal premium member will receive special access to unlimited chats, translations, language feeds, influencer feeds and features, and group chats. In addition, the app will remain available for free on the basic plan, while there is also a $9.99 per month Starter plan and the full-package $14.99 per month premium plan.

These features are available to the select group of users who subscribe to this level, along with the availability of the new PenPal feature.

PenPal allows users to match with others to learn their language of interest faster! In the spirit of immersion and natural language, the organic connections are of massive value to users.

Clickstream Corporation, as a parent company, has indeed found a gem with this learning app. An innovative approach, roaring user reviews, growing downloads all spell good return on investment for shareholders.

Nifter Reaching Major Artists

Excitement is mounting in the NFT space as music NFTs from Nifter represent new possibilities. Before, when artists wanted to fund an album, there were more hoops than you could imagine. The Nebula Software Corporations Nifter app helps artists gain visibility without leaving them swimming in debt. As a result, the barriers to bringing honest expression into the craft are shifting.

Producing unique art pieces are artists like Grammy-nominated Melky Jean, and more significant artists are said to be in talks with the company. An authentic one-of-a-kind piece of art for the digital age is something that has prospective shareholders and art collectors talking.

As an increasing number of artists lend their talents to the space, some genuinely great relationships are also being created.

The Undervalued Clickstream

Having traded at .040 at one time, Clickstream is not likely to see these current share prices again once HeyPal and Nifter reach full stride. A potential cause of the shifts seen has been an unwarranted dilution. This dilution likely comes in the wake of the Reg A raise last year. However, fast forward to today, and the money appears to grow the company and its footprint in the mobile app and digital art spaces. Even what the company had before, at higher trading levels, does not compare to the relationships, resources, and innovations they have now. Users are excited, and hundreds of thousands more are likely to join the surging HeyPal user base. NFTs are here to stay, and Nifter recognizes the focus for the public.

Many times, it has been said that a fight against the future is a losing fight. However, Clickstream Corporation embraces the future and uses the roaring current of innovative technology to advance its business objectives. Look to see more from this company and consider what they are doing to shake up the NFT space and add a growing name to language learning.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. All stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. Please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. Article provided in part by Strategic Innovations who are paid for by the companies for social media and research.