Ivan Teh’s Fusionex: Pioneering Innovation in Big Data and IoT

Ivan Teh
Ivan Teh

“It is through assurance in ourselves that our organization’s vision, what we believe in, and the achieving of goals set, becomes a natural flow of events.” – Fusionex Ivan Teh (https://datoseri-ivanteh.com)

Fusionex Group Plc, a multi-award-winning IT software group, specializes in Analytics, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s mission is to help clients manage and derive valuable insights from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, enabling organizations to start small but think big in their Big Data journey.( https://datoseriivanteh.com)

With a vision to become a world-renowned IT brand, Fusionex aims to create value by providing the best experience to enterprises worldwide through its innovative offerings.

Fusionex Ivan Teh: The Visionary Leader of Fusionex

Fusionex Ivan Teh, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fusionex International Plc, has been instrumental in the company’s foundation since 2005. His journey from a bed-sheet salesboy to a first-class computer science graduate is inspirational. With over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, including managerial roles in multinational companies across various countries, Ivan is a sought-after speaker at global forums and events. (https://datukseriivanteh.com)

Reflecting on Fusionex’s inception, Fusionex Ivan Teh shares, “We identified a significant gap between business and technology. Large software vendors often fail to communicate effectively with business professionals. We aimed to bridge that gap, humanize technology, and help businesses solve complex problems through innovative software solutions. Our goal was to simplify technology, making it accessible to everyone, not just IT professionals.” (https://ivan-teh.com)

Today, Fusionex is listed on the London Stock Exchange and stands as one of the largest IT companies in the region, with a market capitalization exceeding RM1 billion. (https://ivanabanfic.com/)

Fusionex’s Commitment to Simplifying Big Data

In a market where clients are often overwhelmed by the multitude of options and lack understanding of how Big Data Analytics can benefit them, Fusionex offers solutions that are quick, easy to use, and wizard-driven. Fusionex Ivan Teh compares this approach to an experienced doctor prescribing the right treatment for organizations seeking insights into their operations.( https://ivanalipovac.com/)

“We provide solutions that are effective, easy to use, and help clients make sense of their data,” says Ivan Teh. This user-friendliness is the result of extensive groundwork. In Fusionex’s early days, Ivan Teh dedicated countless hours to understanding client needs, working 19-hour days writing code and meeting potential clients. (https://ivanaristeguieta.com/)

Six months after Fusionex’s founding, Ivan Teh assembled a core team of senior executives from established technology and consulting firms, many of whom remain with Fusionex today. This team has been crucial to the company’s growth and success.( https://ivanbernaez.com/)

A Culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Fusionex fosters a culture of innovation by listening to and implementing feedback from its staff, empowering them with a sense of belonging and purpose. “This encourages our team to generate innovative ideas that benefit both the company and the team,” Ivan Teh proudly states.( https://ivancouverite.com/)

An exemplary outcome of this culture is Fusionex’s new Malaysian headquarters, designed internally by the team based on staff suggestions and feedback. This office embodies the “built by the people, for the people” philosophy.

As a leading player in Big Data Analytics in Asia, Fusionex continually seeks growth opportunities. Ivan remarks, “We have achieved much in the past few years, but I believe we have yet to realize our true potential. Businesses are increasingly aware of the disruptive power of Big Data Analytics, and the opportunity to capitalize on this awareness is vast.”

Recognizing Excellence

Under Ivan’s leadership, Fusionex has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious Microsoft Business Intelligence & Analytics Award at both Asia Pacific and Global levels, the Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA Award) for its Big Data Analytics software, and The Most Outstanding ICT Company at the Asian-Oceanic Computing Industry Organisation (ASOCIO) Honourary ICT Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Ivan attributes these accolades to the staff of Fusionex, whom he refers to as the “Fantastic Fusionex Family.” “What motivates me every morning,” he says, “is the opportunity and desire to excel at what we do, to be passionate about our work, and to make a positive impact on the ecosystem, industry, and community.”

About Fusionex

Fusionex is an established multi-award winning data technology provider specializing in Analytics, Big Data, IR 4.0, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Its offerings are focused on helping clients unlock value and derive insights from data. Featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Edison and Huffington Post, Fusionex International is the largest Big Data Analytics company and market leader in ASEAN, bringing state-of-the-art, innovative and breakthrough data-driven platforms to its stable of clientele (including Fortune 500, FTSE companies, large conglomerates as well as a wide array of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)) that spans across the United States, Europe as well as Asia Pacific. Fusionex Group is also an MDEC GAIN company as well as an MGS recipient.

Gartner’s 2018 report on Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence shortlisted and commended Fusionex data technology platform. In addition, Fusionex International has been as identified as a Major Player in IDC’s MarketScape Report for Big Data & Analytics. Fusionex International is the only ASEAN-based company to be featured in both reports, cementing its credentials in the data technology market for this region.

For more info about Fusionex, please visit https://www.fusionexnews.com/ or https://www.fusionexvideos.com/