J. Matthews’ “Courage for Fools” is a Bold Moment for Telling the Truth

The newest pop-rock single “Courage For Fools” portrays a moment of liquid courage for J. Matthews as he teases the new music to come in 2023.

J. Matthews' "Courage for Fools" is a Bold Moment for Telling the Truth
J. Matthews

Contemporary pop artist, J. Matthews, gives listeners the courage to pursue love in his new track ‘Courage for Fools’ out on November 18th. A pop-rock single with a blend of 90’s rock and EDM. ‘Courage for Fools’ is about a young man’s struggle to be honest with his feelings for a girl he knows, all while knowing the girl clearly has feelings for him as well. “Neither of them wants to make the first move and risk the possibility of their feelings being false. He’s getting closer and closer to letting the truth out, but only with the help of a ‘liquid courage’,” says Matthews on how he came up with the idea and the title of the song.

Courage for Fools’ is indeed all the drink you need to transcend the physical barriers of struggling to utter the truth to someone you love. “If you can’t find a way to say it to someone, sing it, and let them listen”, says the shy artist. As one of five tracks on his upcoming EP (due in early 2023), J. Matthews has done one of the hardest things for an artist to do – capture a specific feeling that they alone feel and successfully convey it to others. “It’s the only way to truly be heard, and like so many other good things in life, it’s equally as frustrating as it is beautiful.”

J. Matthews "Courage for Fools"
J. Matthews “Courage for Fools”

J. Matthews isn’t your typical pop artist. To him, genres have always been more of an experiment than a definitive style, as he explores the emotions and stories that some genres capture better than others. As a writer first and foremost, storytelling is at the heart of his creativity as his lyrics become the staple of his songs that connect his music through an unexpected, yet cohesive rhapsody. “Any story worth telling has its phases, its unique chapters, its unexpected twists,” says Matthews. Listeners are in for a musical treat as they encounter the deep, personal notes to his voice, wrapped around a melody to match, connecting stories that transcend linear genre.

More tracks from J. Matthews will be out in 2023. Stay tuned!