Jay Elle Latest Single Tequila Kiss Continues to Thrive Into 2022

Major recording artist/entrepreneur Jay Elle's music career in 2021 has been ultra-successful

Jay Elle Latest Single Tequila Kiss Continues to Thrive Into 2022
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Jay Elle’s music catalog streams and downloads increase by 65%. Jay Elle’s fanbase extended across three continents and twelve countries.
Jay Elle‘s matchless lyrical content sparks multiple emotions within listeners’ hearts and minds. Jay Elle’s live stage performances and Hollywood charisma give his music unparalleled mass appeal. A competitive advantage is Jay Elle’s natural-born ability to convert life’s biggest questions into life-changing lyrics. Jay Elle’s musical journey extends from Switzerland to Los Angeles, California.
Tequila Kiss lands on WTSX POWER 104.9 FM

Jay Elle’s latest commercial release, “Tequila Kiss,” has been a massive success in 2021. “Tequila Kiss” is a perfect mixture of love, passion, dance vibes, and aspiration. “Tequila Kiss” currently spins in heavy rotation on several FM, IHeartRadio, and college stations. Radio programmers nationwide are adding “Tequila Kiss” to their daily rotation.
Jay Elle is a born songwriter and understands how to mesh his gift into the universal language of music. Jay Elle’s music is now playing in high demand on WTSX POWER 104.9 FM. WTSX POWER 104.9 FM is a licensed and BDS FM reporting station.
Jay Elle formed a digital and creative music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in 2021. RADIOPUSHERS develops customized human-growth-based monetization solutions for thriving artists.