Jaylen Feliciano Strives to Help Others Reach Financial Goals

Jaylen Feliciano Strives to Help Others Reach Their Financial Goals
Jaylen Feliciano

Financial Literacy is more important in this day and age than ever before. With inflation constantly bringing living costs up, it’s imperative to educate the next generation on how they will build wealth and achieve a life of financial freedom for themselves and those who come after.

Active United States Marine and successful entrepreneur Jaylen Feliciano knows the importance of building generational wealth and is focused on educating others about what we wished he knew when he was younger. Feliciano heads a clothing company and social platform called Creating Generation Wealth, which focuses on offering others help in reaching their own financial goals. “No matter what you’re doing, whether you’re in the Turo industry, whether you’re in the Airbnb industry, whether you’re in the event space industry, whether you’re in the trucking industry, it doesn’t matter,” explains Feliciano. “Everybody should have the same end goal: creating generational wealth. So that way, the next generation after us can do better than we did when we first started so they can set the next generation up for even much more success.”

Growing up with a single mother, Jaylen understands what it’s like to be faced with financial challenges. He lost his father to gun violence when he was just six years old, forcing him to grow up faster than any young boy should have to. But it was during these moments that Feliciano found his true strength.

Creating Generational Wealth has grown significantly in the past couple of years, growing to over six figures plus in revenue. Feliciano wants to continue to grow the platform on the side of serving his country in the Marine Corps. As a motivator, Feliciano wants to speak to kids and educate them on how they can start building generational wealth from a young age.

To find out more about Jaylen Feliciano and his brands, be sure to keep up with him on his personal Instagram @jaylenfeliciano and Creating Generational Wealth’s Instagram @wecrategenerationalwealth.