Jonathan Campau’s 3 Guiding Lights – Advice for Every Business Leader

Campau tells aspiring entrepreneurs to get to know their "why" as if it was their best friend.

Jonathan Campau's 3 Guiding Lights – Advice for Every Business Leader
Jonathan Campau

It takes an ultimate optimist to become a successful entrepreneur in any field, but this is proving especially true in today’s fast-paced and dynamically changing real estate industry. To be an A-List player today, it takes tenacious grit and fastidious commitment along with a mix of good luck and opportunistic fortune.

Luxuri, a highly successful short-term property rental company based in Miami, has made its mark on the industry by focusing on exceptional customer service and going over details with a fine-tooth comb. It’s the competitive edge CEO Jonathan Campau has learned through his life’s work in hospitality and real estate investment. The secret, he says, is to remember it is all about the customer, and that money always follows good service. Creating sustainable wealth in the real estate industry has not come easy, but Campau highlights three guiding principles he believes can guide any entrepreneur on the path to building a successful business empire: failure, focus, and motivation.

Failure. Campau explains that he’s been turned down countless times, and more doors have closed than opened. He believes failure is not only necessary for success, but also every entrepreneur should welcome it. Campau isn’t ashamed of the failures he has experienced along his journey and says no one should be. In fact, he says failure should be embraced, and focus not on the failure itself, but what lessons are learned and the recovery process. Failed ideas and business ventures are what create the impetus to future success. The ups and downs … the positives and negatives … Campau says they evolve critical thinking and guide resolute action that turn into money-making ventures.

Focus. Each morning, Jonathan Campau sets his sights on the task at hand and things he needs to do and influence to achieve success that day. He says it’s all about finding the space between where someone is and where they want to be. The faster they figure out how to bridge that gap, the faster they become successful. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs typically have grandiose thoughts in their heads for products, services, and organizational design – even unique ways they can raise money to fund their ventures. It can be thrilling and motivating but many overlook the small but necessary steps in the journey. Campau recommends, especially to entrepreneurs new in the game, not looking ahead to tomorrow until accomplishing what’s in front of them today.  He shared stories of meeting many people with great ideas but often sees them become stagnant and lost. He suggests starting with the easiest things first and working forward from there to the more challenging tasks.

Motivation. Finding motivation is one of the most crucial aspects of starting a new business. That motivation could be supporting a family, honoring a loved one who is no longer here, creating a better work-life balance, or it could be as simple as making more money. Campau says he routinely tells aspiring entrepreneurs to get to know their “why” as if it was their best friend. He advises that someone’s motivation may transform over time, but that being steadfast on that one reason that motivates you to keep going each day is what creates purpose and cultivates success. Campau cautions that finding a personal “why” may not happen overnight, and it can sometimes take on many forms until it’s fully crystallized. He further stresses the importance, though, of discovering it early in the journey, as it is constantly that silent partner that helps push through the darkest and toughest days.

Luxuri is currently based in South Florida and has properties in Miami, Colorado, Washington, D.C. and California. You can connect with Jonathan Campau on Instagram and visit Luxuri’s multimillion-dollar short term home rentals and cars at