Juna: How Detox With Chlorophyll Can Do Wonders for Acne and Aging

Juna: How Detox With Chlorophyll Can Do Wonders for Acne and Aging
Juna: How Detox With Chlorophyll Can Do Wonders for Acne and Aging

While Chlorophyll isn’t a newly discovered ingredient, it’s a powerful natural source of minerals and antioxidants that have some pretty remarkable benefits. New research shows that these benefits go beyond just boosting oxygen levels and they are great for healthy skin as well.

Juna, a California-based plant-powered wellness brand, recently launched their powerful active botanical Detox Drops that help promote digestion, boost energy levels, eliminate toxins, and even promote clear skin and fight aging. Here are three reasons why the Detox drops and their main ingredient, chlorophyll, is helping keep acne and aging at bay.

High in vitamins C, A, E, K, calcium, and potassium

Chlorophyll is packed with powerful micronutrient and antioxidant properties. One of Juna’s founders, Jewel Zimmer, states, “It can heal skin that is damaged or breaking down. It’s a constructive chemical and builds us from the inside.” Mt Sinai School of Medicine reported that “Chlorophyll contains antioxidants that reap a variety of skin benefits like helping with free radical damage and fine lines and wrinkles.”

In terms of hair, there are specific nutrients the hair follicle uses to synthesize proteins into keratin and produce healthy hair and nails. Furthermore, the minerals, calcium and potassium present in chlorophyll are the main drivers for healthy hair and nail growth. In addition to growth, chlorophyll “slows down the progression of the greying of hair by continuously producing melanin in hair follicles, thus delaying the aging process.”

Juna’s Detox drops incorporate the highest quality Chlorophyll derived from white mulberry leaf ensuring potency and efficacy in every drop.

Helps reduce skin inflammation

Acne is commonly associated with bacteria, inflammation, and even gut health. “Based on several clinical trials, chlorophyll likely works through both decreasing inflammatory markers in the skin and decreasing P. acnes, a bacteria thought to contribute to acne formation,” explains Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group.

In addition, studies show that chlorophyll is a powerful anti-microbial and when ingested it helps get rid of harmful gut bacteria while maintaining a healthy microbiome. This means that not only can chlorophyll help eliminate toxins from the body, it can improve gut health, and reduce acne causing inflammation.

Many leafy greens like spinach and kale contain chlorophyll so you can consume it that way or supplement with Juna’s Detox drops. In addition to the chlorophyll, Juna’s Detox drops also contain lemon and mint. Both ingredients are also high in vitamins and aid in flushing toxins.

Fortifies the body from within

So how does chlorophyll heal and strengthen the body from within? Juna’s co-founder Taylor Lamb states, “Unlike collagen and biotin, chlorophyll doesn’t exist naturally in our bodies. When we ingest a chlorophyll like our Detox drops, it’s really providing an antioxidant function to fight free radicals, which are involved in aging our skin and causing cellular damage. It plays an important role in boosting oxygen within our blood and assists in the metabolism of vitamin C, an extremely important vitamin to nourish the skin from within. I start every morning with Juna’s Detox drops and have noticed I feel more energized, cleansed, less bloated, and have clearer skin.”

To understand the wonders of the chlorophyll Detox Drops, look at the customer reviews, “These drops have quickly become a staple in my everyday routine. Not only is the subtle lemon and mint flavor ultra-refreshing, but I find myself drinking more water throughout the day because the taste is just that good. I love how they make me feel and notice my skin has a different glow! Highly recommend it!”

Another customer bought the product to help with bloating but got a positive surprise, “I was so excited to test out Juna’s new Detox Drops to help with stomach debloat and internal detox. What I didn’t expect was how clear they would make my skin! I’ve not changed one thing except for starting to take these drops, and my skin has almost completely cleared up after years of acne.”

Chlorophyll is an amazing and easy way to daily detox without breaking the bank. Juna’s antioxidant-rich chlorophyll drops are only $26 or two for $39 and you simply can start your morning routine with dropping them into water or a smoothie.