K2bio Welcomes Ansun BioPharma Biotechnology

K2bio Welcomes Ansun BioPharma Biotechnology
K2bio Facility located in Houston, Texas

K2bio has announced Ansun BioPharma, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Anovac, as an addition to the K2bio community. Ansun’s mission is to innovative therapeutics to address unmet medical needs in cancer and viral infections.

“Our company is growing, so we were in search of a state-of-the-art facility for cell therapy research. We chose K2bio because they were able to provide exactly what we needed,” said Dr. Nancy Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Ansun.

“We are very excited to welcome Ansun BioPharma to the K2bio family and look forward to supporting their growth/development with our unique model of services,” said Kieron Jones, Co-founder, CEO, and President of K2bio. “We strive to be a catalyst for the local ecosystem and encourage the growth of funding, space, mentors, and talent.”

K2bio opened its lab facility in early July of this year. Located in Houston, K2bio has launched its suite of services designed to support early-stage life science companies. K2bio helps to facilitate drug development to be faster and easier while maximizing access to capital and industry partners – empowering biotech companies to grow quickly. They provide access to quality equipment and materials, allowing companies to focus on their therapeutic discoveries.

The addition of Ansun, headquartered in San Diego, further illustrates K2bio’s mission to support early-stage biotech startups.