Kids Using Excuses to Delay Bedtime by the Younes Family

Kids Using Excuses to Delay Bedtime by the Younes Family
Younes Family

Everyone who’s a keen user of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram will have come across their fair share of family skits on the platform. They often attract millions of views because of the genre’s funny and relatable content to kids and adults alike. Enter The Younes Family.

The Younes family is no stranger to viral success with their own family-oriented skits. One of their videos on TikTok spanned over 10 million views and began to trend on the platform. This catapulted the family into an overnight success. The Younes Family skits revolve around family comedy which any parent and child can relate to. In turn, it’s allowed them to make generations of people laugh with their content!

Their most popular video highlights the daily struggle of parents worldwide to get their children to sleep on time. The charismatic and hilarious children come up with increasingly elaborate excuses as to why they can’t go to bed yet. From asking for a quick snack before bed, to “helping” with the laundry, the kids continue to find hilarious ways to get out of their impending bedtime.

At the same time, their dad grows increasingly older and impatient with their ability to sleep. This is a skit that will certainly hit home for parents whose kids love to swerve their bedtime at any given opportunity! What’s certainly clear from these skits is that the children in the Younes Family have star potential. They wow with great acting chops and a knack for excellent comedic timing!

Why The Younes Family are Such a Hit

The aim of the Younes family content is to create a mix of comedy with real-life relatable content. And this obviously appears to have been a surefire method for success! With views amounting to around 40 million combined between TikTok and  Instagram, the Younes Family’s skits have proved a smash hit amongst parents and children alike because of their relatability and humor.

As well as sharing humorous skits which capture the struggles and moments of being a parent to young children perfectly, the Younes family also shares open updates about their family. These include gender reveals so that audiences feel just as much a part of the family! This makes them a little bit different from your average family content creators. It’s hard not to scroll through the Younes family feed without feeling a warm smile grow on your face from the genuine vibes and hilarious humor the whole family shares.

If there’s one statement we can say for certain when looking at the Younes Family feed, it’s that this is a family that has a whole lot more laughs and great content to give the world.

So make sure to keep an eager eye out for their next offering. Don’t be surprised if you see them taking over your TikTok and Instagram feeds soon! You can keep track of all the updates with Younes Family hijinks through their TikTok and Instagram. Give them a follow, and you can catch all the hilarious and endearing skits from the growing family!