Kilough Teases Upcoming EP With Wistful Americana Single ‘Follow Me’

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Kilough Teases Upcoming EP With Wistful Americana Single “Follow Me”

Americana singer-songwriter Kilough released her new single, “Follow Me,” on October 1. Accompanied by a simultaneous lyric video release, this is the final single preceding her upcoming EP expected in early 2022. “Follow Me” is inspired by Kilough’s recent move to Nashville in pursuit of her music career, and ruminates on the importance of appreciating loved ones to the fullest extent. “When all is said and done,” she says, “friends and family are what give our time meaning.” Following recent singles “What If” and “Miles & Months,” the Nashville artist captures the essence of the EP perfectly. Fans can expect varying palettes of textures and colors painting vivid imagery of love, youth, and change. This single embodies the last few years for Kilough, honoring the incredible people and refreshing change of pace that came with settling in Nashville. “Follow Me” is a tender declaration of appreciation for those that push us to be our best selves. 

Kilough’s delicate, bright vocals lead listeners through a musical journey on “Follow Me”. The track transitions from openness and colorful chorditure in the first half to a pop-kissed finale  embellished with powerfully stacked background vocals and rhythmic acoustic guitar. Kilough reflects on the creative process for “Follow Me” as “an incredible new experience, because it was an opportunity to work with new instruments and techniques that [she] had never featured.” The heartfelt single manages to deliver an undeniably catchy melody while capturing the full scope of Kilough’s experience relocating to Nashville. The dynamic sound achieved on this track is an enticing showcase of a never-before-tapped-into side of the singer-songwriter’s artistry. Characterized by sweetness fused with a subtle longing, the artist hopes fans find a bit of themselves in these personal stories. 

Your Neighborhood Songwriter, Kilough (Ky-low), is an independent artist currently based in Nashville. Featuring influences from folk, country, and pop, and drawing inspiration from artists like Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and Shakey Graves, she creates an upbeat, refreshing sound that is uniquely her own. Born in the Midwest, raised in the South, and touring throughout the Northeast, Kilough’s life and music have taken her across America. She has performed live shows in New York City, Rhode Island, and Boston, where she celebrated the release of her debut EP, Latitude, in 2019. Kilough is currently in the process of recording her second EP, which will feature previously released singles “What If” and “Miles & Months”.

On October 1st, Kilough released her latest single, “Follow Me”, on all platforms. “Follow Me” is an upbeat anthem about fresh starts and prized memories. It’s about the unexpected moments and people in life that you keep coming back to. Stemming from her own experience, Kilough hopes listeners will hear a little of themselves in her song.