Komal Motwani Announces Launch of Economic Trends and News Blog

Articles on the blog are written by Komal Motwani, a successful Senior Financial Analyst.

Komal Motwani Announces Launch of Economic Trends and News Blog
Komal Motwani

Pittsburgh, PA – Komal Motwani is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new blog aimed at discussing economic trends and events.

This website is a passion project and brainchild of Komal Motwani, a renowned Senior Financial Analyst, blogger, and author with over 10 years’ experience in the financial planning industry. The personal brand is designed to share Komal’s impressions on industry news and trends, while offering people a way to connect with her and stay abreast of the latest market and economic updates.

“A true analyst by nature, numbers, data, research and quantitative and qualitative analysis are a part of my life,” Komal says. “Hence, I wanted to share my work (that would be beneficial, informative, and educational to the readers) on my website. Since starting my website, I’ve been fortunate to garner credits from notable publishers from around the world, mainly because my language is simple and easy for everyone to understand.

According to Komal, a major part of her work includes conducting research & analysis of market and economic data and other factors that affect day-to-day economic trends. She took that research and started writing articles for investors. These have been published on websites that boast global readerships – with an impressive uptick in the number of readers. Most recently, Komal was featured on MarketWatch, Advisor Perspectives, Wealth Management, European Business Magazine website and many more. Her articles have been well received by readers and have garnered positive feedback from the editors.

“Day-to-day work takes up most of my time and this, I believe, is something that keeps me going,” Komal states. “It helps me to express myself and connect with people and my goal is to grow this into a big community of like-minded people – people who like to connect and discuss similar ideas and concepts. In the long term, I want to make finance and wealth management fun for everyone.” For more information about Komal’s website, please visit komalmotwani.com.