Lanard Harris Enters 2022 On The Cusp Of Generational Wealth

Knowing the value of your worth

Lanard Harris Enters 2022 on the Cusp of Generational Wealth
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Understanding the value of your worth in life is priceless. People live life selling themselves short and compromising their potential because of fear and self-doubt. Society will always tell a person what “they” feel their worth.

Once a person understands the ability and value God has bestowed upon them, their life’s purpose becomes activated. Whatever price tag you put on yourself is what the world will pay. The bridge between worth and value is a person’s mentality. Believing in yourself beyond ordinary in the face of fear is not for the faint of heart. Visionaries never settle for anything less than their destiny.
Lanard Harris is a natural-born leader and visionary.

Lanard Harris was born in the belly of the beast and with two strikes. Living the life of an intelligent, strong-minded, and fearless African American is a road less traveled. America is most afraid of a limitless, bold, and free enterprising young black male.

Lanard Harris’s mother and father instilled a relentless spirit and uncompromising ambition within him. Lanard Harris family values include ownership, self-worth, empowerment, and unending education.

Lanard Harris is the 100% owner of a wine and spirits brand, clothing line, and NFT collection. Lanard Harris controls multiple LLCs and subsidiaries ranging from entertainment to global merchandising.

Lanard Harris launched a strategic monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE in 2020. RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE create innovative human-growth monetization solutions for entrepreneurs.