Learn About Upcoming Jamaican, Now Atlanta Artist Chenna

Learn About Upcoming Jamaican, Now Atlanta Artist Chenna

Chenna Music is a Jamaican artist who has received much praise for his song “Right On Me.” He recently had an interview with All Vybes and talked about how he started out as a rapper. Chenna also talks about the meaning behind his lyrics and the making of “Right On Me.”

Chenna’s music has been described as having a strong Caribbean sound combined with dancehall-infused melodies. His voice often contains elements from both English and Patois.

In addition to being an artist, Chenna is also a singer-songwriter, composer, and a bit of a dancer. Chenna intends on releasing more songs soon so that people can see the other side of him not just through “Right On Me” but through his other songs.

Chenna added, “I got my nickname Chenna because Jamaicans give you a Chinese name, like Mr. Chong.”

What is Chenna’s style and genre?

Chenna’s style is eclectic in the sense that he does not limit himself to just one sound. Chenna can rap in a way that would remind an audience of Juice WRLD, or he could sing R&B in the manner of T-Pain. He also does covers of popular songs in many different genres.

Chenna Music says that he bases his music on his feelings. “I just make the music that I feel in the moment. I don’t really plan anything out. If I feel happy, I’ll make a happy song. If I feel angry, I’ll make an angry song.” He also says that he doesn’t like to limit himself to one sound or genre: “I like to experiment with different sounds and styles. That’s why my music is eclectic.”

Chenna is a new aspiring artist from Atlanta. Chenna was born in Jamaica and grew up there until he was 20 years old.

In his early teenage years, Chenna started getting more interested in music and acting. By high school, Chenna was quitting school to pursue this interest full-time.

He says that he combines all of his passions into one so he can best express himself: “I think the best way for me to be able to talk about my feelings, communicate with people who are going through similar things, and just generally express myself is through combining music, film, modeling.”

Sneaky links or relationships?

When Chenna Music was asked if he prefers sneaky links or relationships, he replied with “both.” He explained that while he enjoys having both types of connections in his life, he prefers to keep things strictly professional when it comes to business. That said, he also enjoys personal relationships with the people he works with.

If you could choose one artist to feature with, who would it be?

Chenna Music has stated that he would have loved to feature with the late XXXTentacion. XXXTentacion was a rapper and singer who was known for his emotional lyrics and aggressive sound. He was shot and killed in June of 2018.

Chenna says that he was drawn to XXXTentacion’s music because of the emotion that he puts into it: “I like the emotion that he puts into his music. It’s not just about the beat or the lyrics. There’s a lot of feeling behind it.”

Furthermore, Chenna also says that he admires XXXTentacion’s dedication to his music, even in the face of adversity: “He had a lot of problems in his life, but he still kept pursuing what he loved. I think that’s inspiring.”

Chenna Music, an upcoming Jamaican artist, says that XXXTentacion’s music can be listened to in any state you’re in.

Listen to Chenna Music

Did you like the interview and Chenna’s passion for music? If yes, you can listen to ‘Right On Me’ on Spotify, watch the official music video on YouTube, find him on Instagram by the name @chenna_music, or visit his website at chennamusic.com.