Lenox Hills Brings The Energy On Epic Double Singles “Girls ‘Round Here” and “I Feel It Coming On”

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Lenox Hills Brings The Energy On Epic Double Singles “Girls 'Round Here” and “I Feel It Coming On"

Alternative rock quartet Lenox Hills welcomes the bombastic double release of two indie rock anthems, “Girls ‘Round Here” and “I Feel It Coming On” out now. The band excitedly premiered the tracks on Jammerzine. Reminiscent of icons like COIN and The Arctic Monkeys, these two tracks – characterized by roaring choruses impossible to not sing along to – are bound to invigorate any party playlist. Steeped in a uniquely Lenox Hills sound and bursting at the seams with an infatuating charisma, the band continues to showcase the grunge-chic aesthetic they’ve achieved through their enticing synergy. The band has developed their sound over the course of years; having grown up together in the same neighborhood, these best friends are committed to evolving with each other as people and musicians. This double release is Lenox Hills’ first project since their 2020 ‘Names’ EP.  “Girls ‘Round Here and I Feel It Coming On irrefutably deliver the epicness that has become a key element of Lenox Hills’ artistic identity.  

These two tracks – while displaying a cohesive sound that compliments each other – demonstrate the broad range of Lenox Hills’ creative capabilities. On “Girls ‘Round Here,” rowdy verses driven by Kyle Swenson’s booming percussion get listeners grooving from the very start. This track tells the wistful story of a tender hope for love complicated by a clashing romance. Luke Mullin’s dreamy vocals cut through the boisterous percussion with ease, drawing in listeners with soulful lyricism dripping in melancholy. All encompassing electric guitar (Packy Mullin) and rich bass lines (Kameron Dunn) round out this energetic anthem. In “I Feel It Coming On,” twangy western-inspired fingerstyle guitar introduces this track before a subtle transition to a steady rock groove. Heartfelt and embellished with romantically poetic lyrics, this is the type of feverish love song people dream to have written about them. Prepare to have the particularly catchy, lively chorus of this track repeating in your head.

The band worked on these two singles – which come from the group of tracks compiled for their next project – over the last two years. Having begun the writing process for this project in 2019, after many months of refining and perfecting, the band has created a final product in 2021 that each member is proud of. This project came to life in collaboration with producer Logan Matheny, who has contributed to a variety of notable projects including Jack White, Judah & The Lion, Colony House, and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. While the creative process presented its challenges to the Tennessee natives, they managed to capture the band’s essence through an undeniably Lenox Hills signature sound.