LivMote by SHARP: Touchless Solution Allows Secure Temperature and Mask Checks for Safer Workspace Reopening

LivMote by SHARP: Touchless Solution Allows Secure Temperature and Mask Checks for Safer Workspace Reopening

As businesses reopen, they face several challenges, including ensuring that they follow CDC and state guidelines to help keep employees safe. Not only is it important to enforce social distancing and provide personal protection equipment, but screening employees and visitors before they even enter the building has become paramount.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), announced today the launch of LivMote, a non-contact, HIPAA-compliant infrared thermometer (NCIT) designed to support businesses as they work to safely reopen, through a hardware, cloud subscription model.

The purpose-built solution was engineered to meet Sharp’s stringent standards and designed to deliver a fast, safe and reliable temperature screening, as well as a touchless check-in experience. LivMote helps address real-life challenges that we currently face while at the same time providing a long-term solution for companies interested in supporting a healthy workplace.

Organizations using LivMote can set up a daily health check questionnaire, which employees can access on their smartphone or PC prior to entering the workplace. After completing their health check, employees will then be prompted to undergo a no-touch temperature and/or face mask scan. The temperature scanner automatically detects people in close proximity and begins the screening once the individual is confirmed via NFC, RFID or QR Code.

LivMote also addresses the need for visitors coming to an office also be screened to insure a safe environment for all. The system comes equipped with a guest user function that allows visitors to complete a temperature check themselves and proceed into the building without needing to access the questionnaire.

The LivMote software records all the screening results on a customizable online dashboard in order for business leaders to have complete visibility into the screening data. This allows for adjustments and organizational decisions based on the actual activity at the office. Optional features also allow it to be linked to a timecard system or to automatically unlock the main doors of the office, further protecting employees normally associated with such processes.

“Businesses working to safely reopen their offices need dependable tools and technology in place as part of their overall plan to follow CDC recommendations and guidelines,” said Cliff Quiroga, Vice President, New Business Development, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “We are excited to help provide a solution for these challenges through LivMote, an innovative and unique technology that will help businesses gain peace of mind as they return to the office and adjust to the new normal.”

Security features in any health-related solution are critical and LivMote has enhanced data security. It conducts the screening without the need for facial recognition, instead relying on RFID/NFC or QR code reading. An intelligent infrared (IR) sensor provides a fast temperature check in 0.2 seconds with industry-leading accuracy (±0.5°F in optimal conditions).

The LivMote solution is available for immediate orders and shipping. For a video of LivMote in action, please click here.