Looking For Passive Income In The Crypto Space? Should Consider ShibRWD, Take A Look

ShibRWD Is Much More Than a Meme Token: $SRWD Aims to Bring Major Value to the Holders and Expand & Empower the SHIB Ecosystem

ShibRWD, a 100% community-driven token, is pleased to update the community about its recent listing on COINGECKO & FLOOZ.TRADE, as it looks to bring real value for the holders and further expand & empower the SHIB Ecosystem.

While the world of meme tokens begins to gain traction, lots of developers are on their drawing boards with a mission to revolutionize the Alt-Coin Ecosystem and Tokenomics.

ShibRWD expands and empowers the ecosystem established by the Shiba Inu community: a project built on the foundation of community involvement. As we move further away from rigid financial structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.

As the incorporation of reflections is the new trend in tokenmics of crypto assets being launched, we at $SRWD have begun a new trend. We have created a token that generates rewards in the form of reflections in one of the most influential cryptocurrencies created $SHIB! Through the execution of a 12% tax on every transaction, purchase or sale, the community of diamond-handed holders is rewarded with 4% reflections in $SHIB.

ShibRWD was launched on December 17th, 2021 at 9 AM PST. ShibRWD allows an easy-to-use multi-chain token swap so that all crypto enthusiasts, with all levels of experience, can get on board. The project features community choice charity fundraising and the future development of a 2-FA Wallet and token staking platform.

Audited by Tech-Audit:
ShibRWD has been audited by Tech-Audit (click here) to ensure that it complies with all laid down rules and regulations.

In the coming weeks, Certik will also be auditing the ETH contract to lend more credibility to the project. Meanwhile, the liquidity pool has been locked 100% for 50 years (click here).

ShibRWD Features:
ShibRWD features a complete ecosystem that gives its token real-time value. And that includes the following:

Liquidity Pool:
To strengthen the project, ShibRWD ensures price appreciation through 4% of the liquidity pool tax getting redistributed to the liquidity pool.

Tax distribution:
ShibRWD give a 4% reflection tax (in the form of Shiba Token), which will be deducted for every transaction and distributed to every token holder proportionately to the size of their holding of $SRWD

Marketing Wallet:
The team behind ShibRWD has made it clear that 4% of every transaction will be re-allocated to further promote the project so that the adoption rate will surge.

The Founding Members:
The team behind the success of ShibRWD is not anonymous. The team members are fully doxed and KYC Verification. They have the requisite experience and track record to develop, launch and promote successful crypto-related projects.

Co-Founded by Mr. Calvin Sanchez (KYC VERIFIED), a fintech expert, the team members have come together to build an ecosystem where every community member will be carried along.

The other Co-Founder is Mr. Amir Shoolestani (KYC VERIFIED), founder of a successful social media influencer marketing company with a Master’s in Engineering.

As we are in the season of giving, ShibRWD has launched a campaign on Twitter, Telegram & Instagram to raise awareness of the project with a substantial giveaway (100 Billion $SRWD Tokens, valued at 1 ETH at the time of this writing). The team’s projection is to achieve at least 100,000 token holders in the shortest possible time.

The Current Listing for ShibRWD ($SRWD) Token:

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ShibRWD Is Much More Than a Meme Token: $SRWD Aims to Bring Major Value to the Holders and Expand & Empower the SHIB Ecosystem