Lorenzo Green: On Turning a Viral Video Into a Marketing Success

Lorenzo Green: On Turning a Viral Video Into a Marketing Success
Lorenzo Green

What started out as a simple surfing video to promote his brand, ended up becoming an internet sensation. Lorenzo Green, the man featured in this viral video, opens up about what happened behind the scenes and how the video was really meant to be. In the video, Lorenzo was surfing in the ocean while carrying his laptop which impressed so many people online. According to him, the original plan for this video was to pass the laptop back to the boat so they could save it, but it fell before he could even do so. Despite the initial “fail”, Lorenzo is grateful for how his video has turned out.

In a time when almost anyone can become an instant celebrity through social media, this man leveraged his fame into a successful marketing campaign. He took what seemed like a failure to create something much more valuable: a paid advertising campaign that generated millions. To this day there hasn’t been a video or image that has come close to performing so consistently, for different products, across different platforms.

It’s not easy to succeed in the world of business, but for Lorenzo it seemed like he had been born with a natural talent for it. His teenage years were filled with many successful online ventures from graphic design to buying and selling domains, but none more than building communities in forums for music and gaming fans which had him earning a full-time salary.

Today, Lorenzo Green is a self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur who has been involved in seven different multi-million dollar businesses. What sets Green apart from other entrepreneurs is his mastery of online communities. He is the founder of one of the largest marketing forums on the internet, which boasts over 500 members. Through this forum and his other ventures, Green continues to help people learn about digital marketing and online businesses.

He is a prime example of how online collaboration can be leveraged to build an audience and create a successful business. His online conferences, which bring people together to learn from each other, have been a massive success. By creating a space where people can come together and share their knowledge, he has been able to foster a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about learning.