Lost Boy Holdings LLC: How Two Entrepreneurs Changed the PR & Marketing Industries Forever

Lost Boy Holdings LLC: How Two Entrepreneurs Changed the PR & Marketing Industries Forever
Lost Boy Holdings LLC

The news and media of today have never been more important. In our ever-changing, digital world, people rely on news outlets for key information about what’s happening. Normally, media can become distorted through political agendas, paid advertising, and more, commonly controlled by large companies funding their own agendas. However, aspects of the media still allow for true, un-tampered news to properly be distributed to the general public. 

The shift to a more decentralized playing field in the media began just around two years ago. At the time, Lost Boy Holdings LLC Co-Founders Christian Anderson, better known as his stage name Trust’N, and Bryce Vander Sanden were beginning to build their multi-million dollar publication and digital marketing agency Lost Boy Entertainment LLC. A company that just started simply as a business venture in a college dorm room can be credited for changing the landscape of the Public Relations and Digital Marketing spaces forever. 

The most impressive part of the whole operation was the company was conceived almost entirely out of thin air. The entrepreneurial duo of Anderson and Vander Sanden began laying down the cornerstones of their business while rooming together at the University Of Wisconsin La Crosse. Wisconsin has never been known as a hub for entertainment and mostly lacks any type of industry infrastructure. So instead of looking for local clients, the duo had to operate remotely and began servicing clients around the world. Splitting time between studies and growing their business, things started to take off. 

Anderson and Vander Sanden first began making money by putting their friends on and marketing them in the same way they had found success on their own. By doing so, Lost Boy Ent. began offering services in the underground entertainment scene that used to be out of reach. “I was truly the first one to have a price sheet with articles in it. I just began selling it to everyone who was referred to me, and business began to pick up from there,” explained Anderson. Anderson and Vander Sanden’s early contributions to the PR & Marketing industries have helped decentralize hard-to-reach media outlets, allowing for more freedom for people willing to work with the Lost Boys. “People who would never have the chance to get covered in certain magazines are now getting the opportunity to show what they are made of. I think that is really cool,” said Anderson. 

What began as a way of helping friends has turned into a multi-million dollar, worldwide operation years later. Proof that putting out good energy can multiply into something great. Clients began lining up out of the door to work with the company, being won over by the smaller, more private structure. “I talk to our clients myself,” explained Anderson. “I think they like that because they know they are talking directly to the source.”

The Lost Boy’s hundreds of clients eventually turned into thousands, and their list of prestigious clients began to grow. The business has worked with a list of important companies, including Target Inc., Procter & Gamble, Kool-Aid, and more, while also servicing some of the world’s biggest celebrity clients like Harry Jowsey, Bryce Hall, Tory Lanez, Snoop Dogg, and Trippie Redd among many others. The company isn’t legally able to disclose some of the more prominent acts they work with closely. 

As the company continues to build its long list of clients helped, the owners have their eyes set on bigger things. “You know PR & Digital Marketing aren’t the only things we want to be in,” explained Anderson. Under the holdings company, other LLCs are owned by the parent company Lost Boy Holdings, which includes a Clothing Brand (Lost Boy Clothing LLC), a record label (Lost Boy Records LLC), and even an investment/passive income planning company called Lost Boy Logistics LLC among others. 

Lost Boy Holdings’ next move is to get deeper into the music industry. Their focus will be on Lost Boy Records LLC, as Christian Anderson (Trust’N) announced a new drop expected this summer. The project will be a short-length extended play featuring a collaborative effort between Trust’N and his long-time collaborator BKWDS.