Mahaba Labs Launches the You Collective, With Over 100 Unique Traits

Mahaba Labs Launches the You Collective, With Over 100 Unique Traits

Mahaba Labs, the forward-thinking organization that is paving the way for the future of NFTs, has officially launched the You Collective, a collection of 100 individuals meant to represent “You”. This collection uniquely portrays the perspectives and qualities of various backgrounds, ideas, and visuals, thus perpetuating the idea of the ‘collective’ – where people come together and do amazing things. According to Mahaba Labs founder and managing director, Kingsley, “This collection is a culmination of ideas from many unique individuals, that’s why we wanted these NFTs to have over 100 different traits.” In representing a myriad of qualities, Mahaba hopes to inspire the individual and resonate with both NFT connoisseurs and newcomers on a personal level. This is the first time such a concept has been created in the emerging NFT space. The fusion of technology, creativity, artistic expression and giving back is a truly unique approach to those looking to explore NFTs that represent more than just one linear concept.

Mahaba Labs, the minds behind the You Collective, is made up of individuals from the financial services industry, crypto & blockchain industries, music industry and fine arts sector. They joined forces with this specific collection in mind. With the aim to give back to the communities around them, the group hopes to provide value beyond just the NFT holders and extend its success to projects including mental health initiatives, giveaways, access to food, clothing, shelter, and more.

In reference to launching this NFT collection, Kingsley asserts, “Our Idea is that we want to provide some real value and make a change. With the roadmap that we have for this project we want to showcase just what we will be doing along the way.” It is this idea and overarching goal that continues to drive the Mahaba Labs team in creating a wildly successful NFT collection. In combining art, diversity, community stewardship, and support, as well as modern and beautiful artwork for NFT collectors to enjoy, the You Collective is primed to enjoy great success in the NFT world and beyond.

About Mahaba Labs
Mahaba Labs is the organization responsible for the creation of the You Collective NFT collection. Made up of a diverse group of individuals from varied backgrounds and perspectives, Mahaba Labs is proud to bring a truly inspired NFT collection to life. Creating the ultimate ‘crypto art’ in their collection of traits found within the You Collective, Mahaba Labs hopes each NFT holder will find themselves or their community within the artistic expressions of this collection. To learn more about Mahaba Labs and the You Collective, visit their Discord site here. Mahaba Labs can also be found on Twitter here, and the You Collective here.

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