Matthew Pinder’s Single ‘Stars’ Is The Final Preview Teasing Upcoming EP

'Stars' is a sonically decadent, acoustic guitar driven folk track that reflects an emotional journey from hopelessness to finding peace

Matthew Pinder’s Single “Stars” Is The Final Preview Teasing Upcoming E.P.

Bahamian folk singer-songwriter Matthew Pinder delivers an emotional recount of a profound shift in perspective with his new track “Stars,” out now. As the final single leading up to his highly anticipated E.P. release, “Stars” is a triumphant follow up to previous teasers “Cascade” and “Used To Say.” This single tells the story of embracing yourself for who you are; invigorating, joyful instrumentation leads this track through an emotional swell, to a triumphant ending. For Matthew, the origins of this song are rooted in the discomfort of feeling stuck at a certain point in his life. Caressed by the colorful harmony of layered acoustic guitar coupled with a subtle, yet energizing beat, “Stars” enthralls listeners through the ebbs and flows of a tenderly introspective journey of self-growth. 

Pinder began writing this piece in 2019 – noted as an especially low point in his life where he recounts feeling trapped in his situation at the time. For about a year, he sat on the chorus; as time went on, he was able to reconcile those feelings with a sharp shift in perspective. The rest of the song emerged in the latter half of his journey in which he was able to find solace in embracing his truth. “Stars” came together through collaboration with a number of outstanding musicians. Written by Pinder and produced by Sara Davis Regan, the two came together seamlessly to create an outstanding showcase of sonic decadence. Fans can look forward to the release of “Stars” on all major streaming platforms out now.  

Matthew Pinder is a Bahamian singer-songwriter who has established a quintessential sound within the indie-folk space over the last few years. Pinder often sings from his own experiences allowing his music to leave an “indelible mark on indie-folk music” (B-Sides & Badlands). First gaining recognition for his viral hit single “Golden Hour” – still one of his most popular releases today with over 2 million streams – he soon followed with the release of the full-length album, Give Me Some Time which was hailed as “Pinder’s magnum opus: a debut so rich and extravagantly heart-rending and deeply-crushing” (B-Sides & Badlands). Soon after, Pinder took a break from music to focus on his mental health until he was ready to begin on his next project, set to release later this fall. Working with local studio engineer/producer Sherwood Rahming and past collaborators Mitch Webb and Sara Davis Regan, Pinder is eager to make music “fun” again by making it with people and friends along the way. Nonetheless, fans can still expect his modern flair with the influences of classic singer-songwriters and present-day artists, all melded into a sound completely his own.