MBLM Rebrands Omnichannel Marketing Services Agency Amsive

MBLM Rebrands Omnichannel Marketing Services Agency Amsive

MBLM (pronounced Emblem), the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on building ultimate brand relationships using emotional science, announced it has rebranded Amsive, an omnichannel marketing services agency.

Vision, SourceLink and Path Interactive merged to form an industry-leading data-centric and omnichannel agency. The company’s leadership team engaged with MBLM to help define a new name, brand and look and feel for the company.

“Our three companies joined together with a vision of our collective strengths. MBLM turned our vision into a beautiful brand – flawlessly,” stated Mark Evans, CMO at Amsive. “We worked collaboratively and efficiently and we couldn’t be happier with the MBLM team, and the early results.”

MBLM worked closely with the company’s leaders to craft an ambitious positioning, and then developed a unique, compelling name, Amsive. Inspired by the concept of emphasizing and amplifying opportunities, the name was expressed with a modern wordmark design. A beautiful design system was created to complement and support the identity featuring bold elements that scale dynamically across applications to communicate agility and amplification.

“Amsive represents the coming together of three cultures, and more importantly a new leader in performance-based marketing. We are excited to have partnered together to bring this new agency to life,” stated Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM.

MBLM also developed a new website showcasing the collective offering, services and resources was designed to reflect Amsive simple, stylish ethos and capture the momentum of the brand. The brand launched in March 2021 and is gaining strong momentum internally and with customers.