MediaU Provides Affordable Education Despite Rising Inflation Rates

MediaU Provides Affordable Education Despite Rising Inflation Rates

It would be difficult to find any American citizen who hasn’t been affected by the drastic increase in inflation recently. With the highest rate since the 1980’s, the cost of living has risen dramatically. Over the years, college tuition has also become more expensive, and many find it difficult or even impossible to afford.

Yet, alternative and more economical schooling has been on the rise as of late, especially with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, MediaU, the first entertainment industry ed-tech company. For those interested in making it big in the filmmaking and television industry,  or those looking to impeovw and refine their skills,  MediaU provides a rich and immersive online form of education. In addition, to keep up with the ever-changing entertainment industry, creatives have one year of free access to any updated content regarding a previously taken MediaU course.

No matter what sector of the entertainment industry you’re interested in, MediaU can help. “We offer specific job-oriented training and coaching for filmmakers, content creators, crew talent, executives and those curious about the film & television industry,” the company says.

For those who aren’t quite sure about which career is right for them, MediaU offers a quick, online quiz along with a free course sample afterwards, tailored to your specific interests. By providing this resource, users can have a clearer idea of what path they’d like to follow, saving precious time, energy, and money in the long-run.

When taking a course with MediaU, creatives gain access to a vast multitude of resources, including engaging and current courses, invitations to live networking events with hiring managers, an online community filled with other creatives, and the opportunity to obtain career coaching from professionals in the field.

Arguably, the best way to succeed is to hear from those who are already successful. Maintaining their promise of furthering one’s entertainment career, MediaU’s mentors have worked in major, well-known companies, such as Netflix, National Geographic, Disney, Paramount, The CW and AMC Networks.

One of the most popular courses the company offers is called The Independent Movie Marketing and Distribution Roadmap. The comprehensive class covers everything you’d ever need to know about how to market any kind of film, whether it’s a feature, a documentary or short film. Creatives will learn a wide variety of important skills, such as creating an extensive marketing plan, finding and expanding their target audience, developing an eye-catching trailer and poster, using social media to promote their film, finding the appropriate title, managing budgets-even low or no budget plans, gaining monetary support for their film, the independent film festival process and different career opportunities. The coaches for this course include Russell Schwartz and Katherine MacDonald, who have marketed and distributed hundreds of films and have held leadership positions at major entertainment companies, including New Line and Paramount. “Being an independent filmmaker can feel so confusing – we’re here to be your guides,” says Katherine MacDonald.

Accessibility to education is among MediaU’s top priorities. They know there are many out there who want to get into the entertainment industry, but haven’t pursued their dreams due to either the high cost of a education, biases, or both. The Executive Director of the Commercials Diversity Program and MediaU Advisor, Tamika Lamison, states “When we put the tools of story-telling into well-trained hands, and we intentionally diversify our outreach so that we include All- we will level-up a generation and invite perspectives that are both unique and universal.”

Especially considering how much inflation has raised the cost of living recently, MediaU’s commitment to accessibility is more important than ever. The company also partners with various foundations to offer a Scholarship Program for those unable to afford the cost of MediaU courses. “We want to help MediaU courses be accessible to creators around the world,” they say.

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