MikeyBadAss Continues His Musical Dominance in 2021

MikeyBadAss Continues His Musical Dominance in 2021
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Recording artist and entrepreneur MikeyBadAss music professional has gained national recognition and critical acclaim over the past one and a half years. His quest for greatness includes several ups and downs.

Not everyone is destined for success. MikeyBadAss was born with the heart of a lion and a tiger’s eye. His story will open your eyes to various issues and give you a more detailed look into his soul.

An Indie Artist’s physical and mental hard work cannot be compared to any other occupation in life. MikeyBadAss is competing with over 4 million other upcoming acts looking for top-level success: STARDOM.

Growing up, MikeyBadAss understood that the street life offered a short-lived fix to nowhere. He could assess things differently from other people, which made him a unique person. He looked at the world from a different perspective compared to those who opposed him, and he grew up with.

MikeyBadAss knew the challenge of balancing life and death after dealing with drugs and being a street king. He opted out of the drug game to pursue hip-hop full-time. He allocated all the money earned during his dark days towards his music career.

Mikey’s primary focus is to live a positive legacy emulated by his sons and those who look up to him. Considering his tough upbringing, he also plans to build generational wealth for his son.

MikeyBadAss formed corporations, bought music tools, studio time, and set up several marketing campaigns to safeguard his future. This made him more focused on life and the transition from street life to a new chapter.

His primary focus in life took a positive turn, and things have completely changed to date. He is among leading black Hip-Hop acts that have bypassed the barriers set by white Americans.

Dreaming of filling up stadiums, accumulating generational wealth, reaching platinum sales, and becoming international icons makes up the Hip-Hop dream. A few upcoming artists reached the success level needed to be part of Hip-Hop’s crème de la crème. The music industry is highly corrupt and the most beneficial business model worldwide. Most artists falsely believe in people and promise that they never come to life.

Exhibiting his entrepreneurial skills. MikeyBadAss is in charge of his publishing, master recordings, and intellectual music property. He understands it’s 10% music and 90% business. Only intelligent artists build lasting musical success.

In 2017 MikeyBadAss started “MB Multimedia Group,” which comprises his record label, corporation, and film/TV production branch. Following the unwavering success of his top single “Slide on Em,” MikeyBadAss’s musical signature would be accepted among his generation.

Speaking of music success, his digital catalog has garnered over half a million streams across multiple streaming platforms. MikeyBadAss’s music plays on digital/FM radio stations in over 20 countries.

He features in national charts through Digital Radio Tracker. His music is also available on digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. You can show support by streaming, downloading, or buying his music from different platforms.

Racial uprisings, COVID-19, the George Floyd murder, fake voter fraud, and historic presidential elections characterized 2020. It was yet another year to address the issue of police brutality and systemic racism in the United States. The US was forced to focus on social justice, systemic racism, and inequality.

The music sector came together during these defining moments and recorded inspirational tracks of hope. We also saw established artists take part in different peaceful protests across the country. In 2021, MikeyBadaAss’s music keeps opening new roads for music Millenials. He is a Global Advocate of RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine and RADIOPUSHERS.