Milberg Files Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit

Milberg Files Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit

The spill, discovered on October 2, occurred from an offshore oil production facility owned by Houston-based Amplify Energy Corporation. Milberg attorneys Alex R. Straus and Blake Hunter Yagman filed a class action lawsuit against Amplify Energy and its Beta Offshore division on October 4. It includes claims for monetary damages, injunctive relief, response costs, and medical monitoring.

Plaintiff Peter Moses Gutierrez Jr. owns a disc jockey (DJ) company that regularly performs along Huntington Beach. He alleges in the complaint that he is losing and will continue to lose a substantial amount of his DJ business due to the closure of Huntington Beach and other negative consequences of the oil spill. He also claims he has been, or will be, exposed to toxic oil contaminants.

“After years fighting for business owners and residents devastated by the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast and other oil spill victims around the country, we understand the terrible impact these events have on the environment, wildlife, and people,” said Straus. “Today it is reported that 120,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from an offshore rig. But those numbers may increase as the investigation and clean-up efforts continue. The impacts on businesses, homeowners, and their families are likely to be felt for years.”

An oil slick plume measuring six nautical miles—and spreading—has already caused significant harm. Shortly after the spill was discovered, beaches were closed, dead birds and fish were found washed up on shore, nearby wetlands were inundated with oil, and beachgoers reported feeling sick. Southern California officials fear “irreversible” damage. Oil spill contamination can persist for a decade or more.

“This is the latest tragedy of the oil industry, but it certainly won’t be the last,” said Milberg Partner Greg Coleman. “Our attorneys are already working with the Huntington Beach community and surrounding communities to protect their legal rights. These innocent victims deserve justice. With this lawsuit we hope to help them clean up their beaches and force the fossil fuel industry to clean up its act.”

Milberg’s Environmental and Toxic Torts Litigation group has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses that have been forced to pay the price for similar man-made disasters, including the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The firm seeks to represent all persons and businesses harmed as a result of the Huntington Beach oil spill.

More information about the lawsuit is available on Milberg’s website. Local residents and business owners affected by the Huntington Beach oil spill are encouraged to reach out to Milberg for a free legal consultation.