Morgin Madison Returns With ‘Running’ Feat. Fluir, Out Now

Morgin Madison Returns With 'Running' Feat. Fluir, Out Now
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Celebrating six months of his debut LP Living the PhantasmMorgin Madison releases “Running” ft. Fluir, available now via mau5trap.

Morgin Madison’s Living the Phantasm rose to critical acclaim upon it’s April 2021 release, garnering high praise from the likes of Magnetic MagazineSoundigestDancing Astronaut, and Beyond The Stage Magazine, who called the album Madison’s “magnum opus. On Living the Phantasm, Morgin Madison creatively funnels the personal highs and lows of a year that seems to have been ripped from a dystopian alternate reality. When the year 2020 plunged much of the world into an extended period of tension and gloom, Morgin found himself at home creating music for a time that felt like a distant dream. With the music industry seemingly collapsing, he began to ask himself “if this is it, what do I want to say before I go?” The question triggered a creative streak uninhibited by concern for the future, giving him room for expression in its purest form. Living the Phantasm was born.

Paying homage to the beloved nostalgia elicited in his debut LP, Morgin Madison’s “Running” ft. Fluir is a fulfilled promise from the producer. Not straying away from his 2010-era progressive house sound, Madison creates an ephemeral single to expand upon his uniquely textural debut body of work. Arpeggiated piano-like synths and a driving kick best characterize “Running,” as Australian songstress and multi-instrumentalist Fluir adds gorgeous vocal overtones to its club drenched aesthetic.

Morgin Madison “Running” ft. Fluir

“‘Running (ft. Fluir)’ is incredibly special to me because it directly revisits the nostalgic progressive house aesthetic that was so beloved by listeners throughout much of my debut album ‘Living the Phantasm,'” explains Madison on his latest work. “At the center of the track is an incredible airy vocal by Fluir, which I think pairs so well with this nostalgic sound. After my album released in April, I promised that I would continue to make that sort of classic 2010-era progressive house… This is me delivering on that promise.”

Brandishing a unique style of atmospheric dance music ranging from chilled house beats to dramatic, hard-hitting set pieces, Morgin Madison is a jack of all trades. From his early beginnings at esteemed tastemaker label Lowly. to the genre-defying Soave. Records, Madison quickly made a name for himself within the space by way of his mystifying sounds and compelling compositions. A highly articulate craftsman in all aspects of his work, Madison makes honest dance music for the eager listener, holding nothing back. In 2020, Madison caught the attention of deadmau5, and soon thereafter found his rightful home at mau5trap. Early releases including his debut mau5trap single “Indigo” and subsequent Some Nights EP garnered high praise, paving the way for Madison’s debut LP, Living the Phantasm (April 2021). Born in a time of uncertainty, Madison’s Living the Phantasm is a testament to perseverance, and serves as the culmination of every musical influence that has defined his artistic life.

“After hearing only a couple demos, we immediately signed Morgin Madison in 2020. Our first release with Morgin was the ‘Some Nights’ EP with the stand-out single “Indigo” leading the way. Shortly after, Morgin came to us with an incredible body of work ‘Living the Phantasm’ – this was one of those moments where we knew there was a special story to tell, and we wanted to be a part of it every step of the way; a few of our favorites from the album include “Far From Home” feat. Gregg Sgar, “Start Again”, “Feels Like”, and “Sun Walker”. Truly blown away by his production quality and skillset, Morgin Madison at his core is an intelligent, thoughtful producer who fits perfectly within the mau5trap ecosystem. We’re excited to continue the journey with Morgin as we navigate through 2021 and beyond,” – mau5trap

With three singles in frequent radio rotation including “Sun Walker” on SiriusXM Chill, “Far From Home” ft. Gregg Sgarr on BPM Breakers, and “Feels Like” garnering support from both BPM and Pitbull’s Globalization on SiriusXM, Morgin Madison’s impenetrable sound is worldwide. A feat rarely achieved, Madison’s music hit all three major radio stations simultaneously — a tangible display of his iron-clad grip on dance music.

A former lobbyist gone creative, Morgin Madison’s story displays the optimistic pursuance of passion over the day job. After becoming infatuated with music at an early age, the Idaho-based creative kept his love a secret for years at the hands of his political upbringing: he never once told a soul he was making music. Madison found himself standing at the crossroads of a lobbying career and unbridled musical freedom. It elicited the life-altering realization: “This can’t be it.” He quit his job on his birthday in May of 2017, and six months later, the Morgin Madison project was born.

A blossoming career best defined by unrelenting passion and taking the risk no matter how daunting, Morgin Madison’s true potential is endless. With much more to come throughout the course of 2021 and beyond, the story of Morgin Madison is only just beginning.