Networking with America’s Law Entrepreneur Rising Stars – Luis Scott, Co-Founder of 8 Figure Firm, Talks About the Upcoming San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind

Networking with America’s Law Entrepreneur Rising Stars – Luis Scott, Co-Founder of 8 Figure Firm, Talks About the Upcoming San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind
Luis Scott Jr.

Less than a week away from the upcoming 8 Figure Firm Mastermind, Luis Scott, co-founder and lead consultant of 8 Figure Firm, expresses immense excitement for what promises to be the consulting company’s largest mastermind experience to date.

The 8 Figure Firm Mastermind, currently in its third edition, will take place in San Diego, California, between Thursday, May 19, and Saturday, May 21. The conference has already doubled the number of confirmed attendees of the two previous editions.

During a recent interview, Scott declared his excitement for the opportunity to see so many elite law entrepreneurs from across the country networking and sharing their diverse experiences at the San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind.

“Networking makes people see things and ideas from a different perspective,” explained Scott. “This networking component is definitely a powerful enhancer of the mastermind experience.”

Over the past two years, Scott and his business partner, Seth Bader, have grown 8 Figure Firm into one of the most recognized consulting companies for law firms nationwide. Scott and Bader are also the managing partners of the Atlanta-based law firm Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. Through one-on-one consulting and quarterly destination masterminds, these two law consultants assist dozens of law firms in surpassing the eight-figure benchmark in predictable annual revenue.

Scott connected via Zoom from his residence in Atlanta, Georgia, for an exclusive interview on the upcoming San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind. In this interview, this Puerto-Rico-native consultant talked about the unique networking opportunities that attendees of this event will have.

At the third edition of the 8 Figure Firm Mastermind, attendees will learn how to streamline their operations from experts in marketing and law firm management. Scott anticipates that participants will save an estimated half a million dollars in productivity.

Additionally, as Scott explains, attendees at the San Diego Mastermind can expect an array of exclusive experiences and countless networking opportunities.

“In this upcoming edition, [participants] will have a premium Friday-night experience with a Micheline-Star chef,” said Scott. “All on top of a tremendous amount of other networking opportunities that will give them tons of value.”

In Scott’s view, the connections that attendees forge during the three days of the San Diego Mastermind will become critical assets in the growth of their law firms.

“When people network, they share ideas with others,” said Scott. “Yes, I wrote books, created the course, and developed the concepts, but when people share their personal experiences, it changes the game completely.”

Scott is a firm believer in the transformative power of networking. As he explains, law firm owners attending the San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers.

“I believe,” said Scott, “that this networking opportunity gives [law entrepreneurs] a glimpse into other people’s law firms and how they were able to grow them successfully.”
The San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind will count on the attendance of some of the country’s law-entrepreneur rising stars. Scott is confident that their individual success stories will enrich the experience of all attendees of the mastermind.

“Our average mastermind attendee will be just shy of $6 million in revenue,” concluded Scott. “So, everyone will be in amazing company cause all the people attending are successful multi-multi-seven-figure law firm owners.”

Today, Scott and the 8 Figure Firm team are preparing to provide seven figures of value to the attendees of the San Diego Mastermind. This conference will be a unique opportunity for law firm owners to take their businesses to the next level.

Registrations for the San Diego 8 Figure Firm Mastermind remain open, but spots are limited. Secure yours at, and do not miss this opportunity to transform your law firm into a thriving law business.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo
With Artistic Initiative Agency