New Tupac Shakur Documentary ‘Born Busy’ to Be Used as Critical Tool in Reinforcing Arts in Education

New Tupac Shakur Documentary ‘Born Busy’ to Be Used as Critical Tool in Reinforcing Arts in Education

Darrin Keith Bastfield, author of ‘Back in the Day: My life and times with Tupac Shakur’ (first published in 2002 by Random House/One World/Ballantine) is currently in the process of producing his book based docufilm, “Born Busy.” The docufilm is geared to aid arts education in colleges, universities, libraries, arts institutions, and other arts based programs.

After his interview with retired Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA) World History teacher, Ms. Carol Geidt, Bastfield serving as both the Producer and Director was convinced that the docufilm should be a mechanism for empowering youth in arts.

In Machiavellian fashion, Tupac still speaks from the grave for his awakening as an artist provides excellent fodder for teaching and empowering the minds of youth in a multitude of ways. “The film explores how art ignited Tupac in his own activism by giving him the courage of his convictions to strengthen his artistry as a means to communicate with his community”, says Bastfield.

Unlike other movies made of Tupac’s life that merge truth and fiction, ‘Born Busy’ tells the story of Bastfield’s friendship with Tupac as well as his observation of him as an artist. He narrates the film, sharing experiences and insights gained of his high school friend and how he, in addition to others, envisioned the progression of his artistry. The docufilm includes interviews of classmates and instructors at the BSA as well as neighborhood friends that give new context to the trajectory of one of the most complex and prolific urban artists.

As a young gifted visual artist, Bastfield painted a teenage Shakur in Shakesperean fashion after Shakur revealed to him his desire to someday become an accomplished Shakespearean actor. In all of his accomplishments, this was the one dream unrealized. ‘Born Busy’ is infused with real life experiences of Tupac Shakur portrayed by BSA students who relish in Shakur’s legacy at the school. Bastfield insists, “Born Busy’ is about the importance of fostering arts and culture in young people throughout urban communities and Tupac’s life serves as the perfect lesson.”