New York-Based Actor & Creative Mentor Dayo Olatokun’s NEW Book P.I.P.E. Dreams

New York-Based Actor & Creative Mentor Dayo Olatokun’s NEW Book P.I.P.E. Dreams

Where do dreams go when they die? Nigerian-born Actor, Speaker, Non-profit founder of The Gifted & Purposed Alliance, and homegrown prodigy, on the streets of Far Rockaway, NY – Dayo Olatokun has answers for digging those dreams up and turning them into your life’s biggest accomplishment. Now, adding author to his byline, the Queens-native Husband and Father of three, releases his first book P.I.P.E. Dreams: Principles To Live What You Love! on pre-order. P.I.P.E. Dreams details the path from passion to profit for dreams everywhere lying dormant in the hearts of Creatives. Through the example of his own life, chasing his dream as an Actor, forfeiting his acceptance to NYU, and journeying into family life, Olatokun shows us how to go from starving artist to successfully living out your dreams. P.I.P.E. Dreams went on pre-sale yesterday, January 18th, on the observed national holiday of the late Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s birthday. A day that the world is reminded that dreaming can take us far, just as King invited us to do with him almost 60 years ago, and we are beneficiaries of today. Even in the state of our nation, what a time to be alive – what a time to dream!

P.I.P.E. Dreams: Principles To Live What You Love!

From Broadway to Boardwalk, Olatokun has landed significant roles Off Broadway, and at the San Diego Repertory Theater, to leading roles on primetime TV. He has appeared in the hit HBO drama series, “Boardwalk Empire” (2010), in OWN Network’s series “Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal” (2011), as Mike Hunt, and as well acting alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie “Freedom” (2015). Olatokun lives what he teaches and means it when he writes: “The power of purpose liberates us from people’s ideas, thoughts, and limits of who we are and what we should be.” The acronym P.I.P.E. stands for Punctuality, Integrity, Purpose, and Excellence, the guiding principles that Olatokun teaches in his school-focused curriculum by the same name, to junior high and high school students, in his hometown of Far Rockaway. A driving creative force within the academia world, educators are fascinated by how Olatokun has taken life lessons and made practical steps for anyone to use with his book.

Olatokun has spent the last seven years proofing his concept in inner-city schools around New York City. Through his Non-profit organization The Gifted & Purposed Alliance, whose mission is to create a safe space for young people to discover their talents and gifts and learn how to turn them into a profit; he mentors budding world changers in places where a Netflix producer can’t reach them. Calling on seasoned Actors, Dancers, Musicians, and other industry professionals to run a 6 to 12-week live version of the P.I.P.E. curriculum with students. After reading P.I.P.E. Dreams, Ms. Larcher, an ELA teacher at Far Rockaway Highschool said:

“When I first heard of the term ‘P.I.P.E. Dreams’ I had no idea what the term meant. The concept of people having dreams made sense, but it wasn’t until Dayo broke the concept down, that it resonated so much truth! This book will truly allow any reader to look within themselves and reflect on the things they need to succeed in life. By following your ‘P.I.P.E. Dreams’ you will begin to see that there is nothing you cannot accomplish as long as you put your mind to it!! I highly recommend this book!!”

P.I.P.E. Dreams: Principles To Live What You Love!, is available for pre-order, and will officially be available for direct purchase everywhere books are sold on February 21st, 2021. Let Olatokun’s personal story, practical writing, and timeless message take you through your own reflective journey from a dream deferred to crafting a plan to discover your potential and living it out with purpose! Follow @dayoolatokun on Instagram for daily inspiration to live well!