NFTs & Cigars: How This Cigar Mogul Is Changing the Cigar Game With NFTs

NFTs & Cigars: How This Cigar Mogul Is Changing the Cigar Game With NFTs
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You may be wary of constantly hearing the term “NFT”, but the explosive growth of the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space shows no sign of abating, and that it’s here to stay. With a market that currently sits at $47B and that Bloomberg predicts may reach more than $800B by 2024, new industries continue to adopt NFT technology and expand their brands to this global space.

The True Gent Cigars luxury brand was birthed from Eddie Green, Sr.’s trio of passions: cigar culture, enjoyment of the finer things in life, and especially, always being a True Gentleman. Launching the brand was Eddie’s way of creating a luxury experience for cigar lovers like himself.

Cigar Industry Enters The Metaverse

The cigar industry now asserts its dominance in the metaverse, as the True Gent Cigars brand releases the first in its exhilarating new Cigar Life NFT series. Green, a serial entrepreneur and author of the book Fail Up, created the project to empower and educate cigar aficionados about NFTs, provide exclusive home-delivered cigar packages, and even offer opportunities to collectively invest in a tobacco farm.

Green remarked, “We just don’t have enough tech in the cigar space, and the real irony is, top-level CEOs in many industries, including tech, love cigars and regularly enjoy them to unwind and network.”

Building an NFT community for the already well-established cigar community, was a no-brainer for Green, and plans are already underway for building a cigar lounge in the metaverse exclusively for the Cigar Life Community.

Plenty Of Perks for Cigar Life NFT Holders

Among the plethora of perks available to Cigar Life NFT holders, are nationwide reciprocity and discounts at participating venues, cigar lounges, and retailers, both in-person and online. Another invaluable benefit is education.

“As is often the case with the adoption of newer technology like NFTs and the Blockchain, there is a pressing need for instruction,” Green remarked. “So, it became imperative to ensure that with the release of the Cigar Life NFT series, purchasers also have convenient access to expert instruction.”

NFT Education Provided

The lack of education in the community is what keeps many people from entering the NFT space, which is a major motivator for Green. As an exclusive benefit, True Gent Cigars has partnered with NFT education and consulting firm NFiniT Digital Management (pronounced “Infinite”) to offer a comprehensive NFT course to their NFT holders.

“We stand to make a lot of money in this space, but it’s hard to know exactly how or even why it’s possible because most of us don’t understand how any of this stuff makes sense,” explains Green.

As he reached over the arm of his leather armchair to dump the ashes hanging from his Gordo cigar, Green noted, “You’re leaving out millions of people who could really change this space.”

Green was referring to the level of influence held by people in the cigar community, who often discuss major business ideas, finalize deals, and network while enjoying cigars.

Cigar Life NFT Launch

The project will launch on May 1, 2022, at 10 AM EDT. The NFTs can be bought directly from the Cigar Life website at Those interested are especially encouraged to purchase through the website, as this is where they will be able to register for their exclusive NFT course.

For more information on True Gent Cigars and the Cigar Life NFT Series, go to True Gent Cigars and Cigar Life.

For more information on NFiniT Digital Management, go to NFiniT Digital Management.

Written by Patrice Perkins

Image credit: Gypsy Girl Photography