Ninjai – The Little Ninja | About the Web Series & Movie

Ninjai – The Little Ninja | About The Web Series & Movie
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Whether you enjoy anime, cartoons in general, or films and web series based in Japan, you are bound to like Ninjai: The Little Ninja, a web-based series that tells the tales of a little Ninja, called Ninjai, who enters dangerous and enticing adventures. These push Ninjai to begin slaying demons and combatting his enemies along the way. The series is particularly interesting for a few reasons: first, there is a compelling mix between innocence and violence, a weird mix if you ask me, but one that nonetheless grasps your attention at first sight.

See, Ninjai is clearly a child, something we can deduct from the character’s voice. However, another detail makes this even more obvious: throughout his perils and dangerous adventures, Ninjai has a companion, Little Bird, with whom he converses and shares many insightful emotions and discussions. When demons and enemies show up to disturb Ninjai’s peace, there is a clear shift in the tone of the series: it goes from being a show that one would nearly believe has been made for children, to a rough, violent, and captivating show with scenes filled with fights. So, don’t get this wrong: it’s not a series for children! Far from it.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja Movie

Ninjai originally came out in the early 2000s as a web series that was created, according to various sources, the series’ producers (or designers) were creating this out of their own budget and pocket, and the series had been draining their webspace. So, it makes sense as to why we haven’t been able to see any more of the series ever since. Naturally, this is sad news for all fans of the show, especially because of how dedicated we have all become to it. There is even information going around online suggesting that the web series is going to be made into a movie and would then be presented on big screens or online streaming platforms.

Ninjai – A Search for the Self

What’s especially enticing about Ninjai is the sense of calm it instills in its audience. Ninjai, while turning into a fierce warrior without limits whenever he faces demons and enemies, is also curious, playful, and endearingly child-like whenever he is at peace. As he travels through the ancient world in a quest to find his “self”, as he is amnesiac, according to the series developers, his companion, Little Bird, also gives the audience a feeling of childhood innocence and naivety, even though Ninjai is far from the “typical” child we’d expect. For example, when he is on the brink of death, rather than being saddened or frightened, he turns to prayer instead and accepts his fate; a form of maturity that many adults do not even possess!

Ninjai – A Visual Treat

Then, there’s the visual aspect of the series. The cartoon is endearing, and the sceneries are beautiful – making you want to make sure you never look away. Then, just to make it all the better, the music added triggers emotional responses like very few other cartoon-like web series can. Ninjai: The Little Ninja is, all in all, what I would consider a masterpiece. But don’t get me wrong: it’s not solely cute – it’s scary, grisly, and not for the faint-hearted.

With this in mind, we absolutely encourage you to watch it when it gets released – if you can handle it, that is.

Release Date of Ninjai – The Little Ninja in 2022

There is no official release date announcement for the Ninjai movie yet. As per the IMDB, it shows it will be released in 2022. Hopefully, the wait won’t be much longer to finally experience this anticipated movie.

Where to watch Ninjai – The Little Ninja Full Episodes or Movie

As of today, there are no official announcements regarding where Ninjai will be released whether on movie theatres or online streaming platforms. Hopefully, it will be released on online platforms soon in 2022, so it can be watched easily by fans online.

Official information about Ninjai

The official website does not have any updates about the Ninjai yet. As of now, one can only find un-official information about Ninjai – The Little Ninja on Twitter, Medium, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Latest News or Updates on Ninjai

One can find more updates or latest news about Ninjai – The Little Ninja and where to watch it online here on these news sites such as Business Ledger and Film Daily. As of now most of the information found online can be considered as pure speculation with no real official news. So, we would have to wait for official announcements to be able to give a clear picture of the road ahead. Ninjai seems to be an attractive blend of timeless ancient philosophy and how it applies to the modern life of a truth-seeking warrior. Stay tuned for official updates!