PacSun Launches Dedicated Gender-Neutral Brand ‘Colour Range’ With Special Performance By Willow

PacSun Launches Dedicated Gender-Neutral Brand ‘Colour Range’ With Special Performance By Willow

This week, Pacsun launched its first fully dedicated gender-neutral brand, Colour Range, a collection of all eco and sustainable clothing. The collection, which includes adults and kids categories, features a range of cotton-based relaxed staples, including t-shirts, sweatpants, cargo and slim-fit pants in solid colors and tie-dye prints.

To commemorate the launch, Pacsun hosted a livestream shopping experience at the DTLA store with influencers Zendaya Taylor and Reilly Patton, followed by a larger event for all ages. At the event, guests were greeted with a chalk art design inspired by the Colour Range Campaign by designer and director Reese Shebel that was displayed on walkways leading up to the DTLA location on Broadway. An in-store buildout in Pacsun’s Whitespace showcased the new gender-neutral collection, and Customers had the opportunity to purchase pieces onsite with custom embroidery options.

Attendees were treated to an epic performance by musician, model, activist, friend of the brand, WILLOW, who performed songs from her library of music including ‘Transparent Soul’ and ‘Lipstick.’ During the performance, WILLOW wore the Colour Range Eco Washed Sweatpants paired with the Colour Range Eco Oversized Washed Hoodie. Fans, influencers and content creators were there to sing along to her songs ahead of the artist embarking on her 2021 Tour that starts on September 14th in Santa Ana, CA.

“My sense of fashion is very personal and always evolving, and I gravitated towards Pacsun’s new Colour Range collection because it’s a brand that speaks to sustainability and being kind to mother earth,” said WILLOW, “Anyone can find something in the collection that can reflect their innermost self in an elevated way and still feel comfortable, without gender in mind, and I think that is really important.”

“Music has always been a way for me to express myself and really be in my element,” continued WILLOW, “To perform in an intimate setting at Pacsun’s DTLA store in celebration of the Colour Range launch fills me with the utmost gratitude. A collection meant to encourage people to express themselves through fashion in a way where gender isn’t a factor and there is greater focus on being kind to our planet.”

“Partnering with WILLOW for this in-store performance for our audience was a natural fit,” mentioned Brie Olson, President of Pacsun. “Her activism and bold expression in the fashion space makes this alignment true to our brand as we launch our first-ever eco, sustainable and gender-free collection which is so special and unique for our core consumer.”

“Colour Range is a natural extension of the Pacsun brand as we continue to focus on advancing our designs and product offerings to eliminate gender bias and empower self-expression,” said Olson. “These hand-picked styles were truly curated without a specific gender in mind, to dress the new generation with silhouettes made for everyone.”

Pacsun has been making strides towards change and breaking traditional molds in fashion not only through their product but also through strategic partnerships and digital efforts, while also focusing on the environment. Every piece from this capsule is made from organic cotton, and fabrics are eco-friendly, made with partial recycled and organic yarn.

The brand will continue to amplify storytelling on TikTok through the social initiative ‘Life in Colour.’ Pacsun will be working with micro-content creators to show the ways in which fashion inspires (and brings colour) to their day-to-day life.

Each content creator will answer a series of questions ranging from what inspires them most and what they are most passionate about. Influencers will be tasked with the additional leading questions to help curate impactful messaging around what they like most about themselves, their go-to outfits that make them the happiest, and how they try to make a difference in their community. This will all be shared on Pacsun’s social channels aligned with the launch of the Colour Range campaign.

Livestreaming for Pacsun is also a continued effort and opportunity for Pacsun to show consumers a new way to shop online with new collaborations and drops. It has been a successful way for the brand to prompt high engagement with viewers. The whitespaces in the DTLA and NYC Flagship stores served as a backdrop to show the new collection of Colour Range.

“Gender-Neutral is a growing category for us, reaching more than 20% of our offerings,” said Alfred Chang, CEO of Pacsun. “And with Gen Z, our primary consumer, seeking more fluid fashion options, we wanted to give them more options through Colour Range, proving our continued dedication to producing products that are devoted to a more sustainable future.”

The retailer initially unveiled its Gender-Neutral Shop in September 2020 as a step towards a more inclusive future and shopping experience. In Spring 2021, Pacsun, with The Fashion Scholarship Fund, hosted a Gender-Neutral Design Competition, fostering the next generation of design talent and unisex fashion, and dropped new gender-neutrals styles as part of its Spring 2021 campaign. Most recently, Pacsun stepped into the Kids category in an impactful way by releasing a dedicated Kids label with a full range of gender-free pieces.

Colour Range is available now online and in select retail locations nationwide.