Paris Volley: Expansion and Internationalization!

Mr Vladan Jelic, President of Paris Volley – 2022
Mr Vladan Jelic, President of Paris Volley – 2022. © Fabienne Ponin

Announced by the French daily newspaper Le Parisien, the news is causing a stir in the French sports world following advanced discussions with Gulf countries.

Paris Volleyball, the mythical volleyball club of the capital, has been undergoing an extraordinary revival in the last few months in preparation for the upcoming competitions, the European championships, and the 2024 Olympic Games that will be held in Paris.

Indeed, volleyball is one of the sports universally practiced is internationally recognized, it would seem that our capital attracts more and more investors eager to join a movement of cohesion and sports community as well as its values related to the exit of the Covid and the interest to revive the collective efforts.

Paris Volley was founded in 1938 by the Paris Université Club (PUC), the most prominent sports club inside Paris city limits. The volleyball section became independent and France’s most significant and winningest volleyball team. Historically Paris Volley existed under PUC (Paris Université Club) and Paris Saint Germain (PSG). In 1998, the two entities, PUC and PSG, came together and gave birth to “Paris Volley.”

Paris Volley is one of the leading professional Volleyball Clubs in Europe with 18 titles of Champion of France and 4 Euro Cup wins, among which the 2001 title of Champions League winner. The last Euro Cup win was in 2014 (Winner of CEV Cup), and Paris Volley is the only Parisian sports club that has won a Champions League.

The future of volleyball in the next five years is vibrant in terms of revenues, public relations, and sports image due to the impact of the Gold Medal of France Volleyball team in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The greatest sports event of the last 20 years in Europe will be the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which brings meaningful opportunities for business and PR.

Paris Volleyball
© Fabienne Ponin

Willing to become the reference of volleyball at the international level, the current leaders who are part of the biggest names of the world volleyball: Wilfredo Leon, Stéphane ANTIGA, Michal Kubiak, Glenn Hoag, and the President Vladan Jelic have started since six months various talks and contacts with international partners seduced by the quality of the team.

“We have a splendid infrastructure in Paris,” says Mr. Vladan JELIC, the President, “the investors to whom we presented the project feel the interest and the vibrations of Paris to participate with us in the development and influence of this sport thanks to our possibilities in terms of location and infrastructure. We are in the heart of Paris in a magnificent hall filled at every match. The sports complex is also composed of a football stadium and one of the most beautiful athletics tracks in Europe, which allows access to quality facilities for sportsmen and women and reathletization”.

Advanced contacts and meetings have taken place with several Gulf countries and some Venture Capital sports from the North American continent.

Questioned by the Market Herald, the leaders did not want to expand on the subject. Still, they confirmed that discussions were underway to give the international dimension that the Paris Volleyball deserves and that the sport as an emblem of representation of unity as well as communion of value contributes enormously to the interest that some countries of the Gulf, which apparently would be three potential candidates interested.

The renewal of the culture of the sport in North America also highlights the emergence of several years of investment funds dedicated to the European sport. For example, the Club would have called upon the services of a company that specialized in fundraising, Licorne Gulf, founded by Alexandre Katrangi and Irina Duisimbekova and established in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and already involved in the financing of French football clubs and motorsports clubs for several years.