PIKOM Collaborates With Fusionex to Bring Back the PIKOM Tech Fair

PIKOM and Fusionex have worked together to restore the PIKOM Tech Fair in an all-new virtual format. Previously the Fair was an in-person event known as PIKOM PC Fair.

PIKOM Collaborates With Fusionex to Bring Back the PIKOM Tech Fair

Kuala Lumpur: AsianChannel is proud to announce the re-establishment of the PIKOM Tech Fair, formerly known as the PIKOM PC Fair. PIKOM has collaborated with Fusionex to bring the event back into existence, but with an entirely different approach and venue. The all-new virtual format is a way to reach more individuals. Currently, gadgets and gizmos, which were once only available in a physical format at the PIKOM Tech Fair in the past, are now available for purchase online at the PIKOM Tech Marketplace. Users can easily shop for their gadgets through the marketplace from the comforts of their homes or workplace.

PIKOM represents Asian technology with more than 1000 active representatives. The company represents the vast majority of tech companies in the region. Six chapters have been formed in order to represent the members better. The chapters include the OM Chapter, the PIKOM CIO chapter; the E-Commerce Malaysia Chapter; the PIKOM Venture Investment Chapter; and the Cyber Security Chapter. This year the Women’s Chapter has been set up to address the needs of the Female Gender.

PIKOM works to improve the business climate on behalf of its members. It promotes industry growth in line with all of its aspirations. A high percentage of its members are involved in the tech industry. PIKOM has always come to the forefront when it comes to digital transformation. The recent global pandemic has shone the spotlight on the readiness of Malaysian companies.

While many companies are interested and ready to transition into the digital world. Other companies don’t know the details and procedures. The PIKOM Tech Fair is dedicated to demonstrating some of the many tech advances constantly appearing. These opportunities are a welcome return to the pre-pandemic approach. Readers may not be able to physically handle items brought to their account, but modern digital images can help resolve them.

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The data technology platform of Fusionex has been praised in a report by Gartner’s Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence. The firm is also recognized in IDCs MarketScape Report for Big Data & Analytics. It is the only Asian firm featured in both reports.

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