Quantum Noesis: New Release and a Treat: 2nd Trailer Launched

Quantum Noesis: New Release and a Treat: 2nd Trailer Launched
Quantum Noesis

Synesis One is the company behind Quantum Noesis. The browser-based game is built on Unity and is set to release on April 7, 2022.

Quantum Noesis takes place in the year 2035. EVI (short for Electronic Virtual Intelligence) is on the verge of achieving sentience as the first true general Artificial Intelligence. But there are powerful forces at work to destroy her!

To safeguard the Noesis Network, EVI has gamified part of her security, transforming vulnerabilities in the code into audiovisual puzzles that are easier for the human mind to grasp and solve. She has recruited elite gamers – like you – to bring their intuition, creativity, and pattern recognition abilities to the fight.

Quantum Noesis is a playable, NFT-based Graphical Novel. Players advance the story by solving puzzles, which were created by legendary puzzle master Cliff Johnson, whose many awards include ‘Best Puzzle Game Ever’ and ‘Best Retro Game Ever.’ There are 36 puzzles of increasing difficulty. The visual style of the game was created by award-winning creative designer Eric Jordan and brought to life by graphic novel artist Bohdan Kravchenko. The Game is being produced by game developer Fabyrka Gier. Finally, the Science Fiction story at the heart of Quantum Noesis was written by screenwriter Shawn Whitney and Cyberpunk novelist DL Young, author of the Cyberpunk City novels.