Re-Evolution: Top NFT to Own in 2022

Re-Evolution: Top NFT to Own in 2022

The NFT market expanded exponentially in 2021 as more investors benefited from the digital art ownership trend. In 2022, this trend is still going strong, with several exciting NFTs increasing in price and demonstrating that they are valuable investments to hold. Analysts are divided as to which NFT is truly crash-proof, but there are lots of opportunities to acquire solid NFTs that will help investors survive the current crypto market meltdown.

A Closer Look at the Best NFT to Buy in 2022

The project listed below represents the best NFT to invest in, thanks to its mainstream appeal and potential for value increase.


Re-Evolution stands out from others because it isn’t a traditional NFT collection. Instead, it is a project that combines collections and transformational play-to-earn (P2E) games—all whilst offering a way for users to generate income.

Like the best play-to-earn games, Re-Evolution contains several features that enable users to earn rewards in the form of $REV, the project’s native token. These features include a collection of 5,000 uniquely generated collectible NFTs, gaming, and a community Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The NFT collection contains unique planets with various rarities that you can cultivate and build a habitat on.

The planet will give exclusive access to innovative P2E games, so it is not just an art but also a utility. Players can customize their planets by purchasing various game upgrades like factories, forests, housing complexes, and many more. However, some enhancements will be conditional on urging players to respect their planet’s ecosystem.

Non-holders can also use the “Planet Rental” system, which enables them to rent from NFT holders and have access to the game. Meanwhile, progress in the game remains with the NFTs, meaning the NFTs will still increase in value.

Another appealing facet of this project is that it has been approved and has completed the KYC verification process with The Verification Gold Standard™️ and Assure DeFi™️. This leading service privately verifies the identities of crypto project owners so you can be more confident in your investments. Those interested in this NFT project can find out more information by joining their Discord and following them on Twitter and Instagram.