Ready to Burst From the Racetrack Into the Digital World?

Ready to Burst From the Racetrack Into the Digital World?
Sagidis Limited

Formula One Group and Sagidis Limited have brought auto racing and the digital tech world closer together by signing a collaboration contract that should bring major benefits to both companies.

F-1 has been interested in attracting a new younger audience, which requires new approaches and a deep involvement with new technologies. Formula One Headquarters is known for its commitment to innovation and its work with Liberty Media to identify new opportunities and expand the holding’s development strategies into new areas. This time he opted for collaboration with a New Zealand digital tech company Sagidis Limited, which is engaged in the NFT sphere, among many others.

Sagidis Limited is going up to a new level, since being Formula One’s sponsor denotes the status of a recognizable enterprise with global ambitions. The tech company is bound to receive investment offers from both private sources and investment funds, which will allow it to develop further and come up with new innovative solutions.

Formula One and NFT market have something in common – and it’s not a characteristic that’s typically a factor in business development – they are both fun! What will we get when we get these two exciting, driven, promising spheres together? Surely, a blast! An NFT collection may becoming sometime in the near future, and Sagidis Limited, as the company that has experience with NFT and is already working with the Formula One Group, may be the one to collaborate in its implementation.