Realtor TurkeyReal Estate Chairman of the Board of Directors Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu’s Housing Sales for 2023

Realtor TurkeyReal Estate Chairman of the Board of Directors Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu's Housing Sales for 2023
Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu

Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Realtor TurkeyReal Estate, made important statements regarding the housing sector, which is one of the brightest sectors of recent times. Noting that especially the Turkish housing market gained momentum after the war between Ukraine and Russia, the famous entrepreneur said that this will increase in 2023 as well. Making statements about his expectations, Övençoğlu stated that in addition to the intense interest of the citizens of the aforementioned country, Syrians also play a repressive role in this sector and that Turkey will be among the top 3 countries that sell the most housing to international citizens globally in 2023.

Stating that they have developed strong and reliable partnerships in the field of real estate, the Turkish entrepreneur stated that their investments in metropolitan cities create serious potential for both buyers and sellers.

Analyzed the Global Real Estate Market

Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu stated that not only the global real estate market, but also many sectors that directly or indirectly feed the real estate market will develop, especially iron and steel, and that large investments will be made in this process. Stating that he has very special projects for Russian, Ukrainian and Arab citizens at affordable prices, the famous businessman also said that partnerships have become more meaningful and valuable with the new projects they have developed within their own structure.

Selling Period with Bitcoin and Ruble

Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu, who did not agree with the prediction that the embargo applied to Russia on a global scale would restrict investments from this country, stated that they overcame this embargo with Rubble and Bitcoin. The famous investor, who said that they will make shopping more intense with Rubble and Bitcoin, although not yet fully active, also gave advice to those who want to take a position at this point. “Not only profitability but also reliability are important in the real estate sector. That’s why it’s vital to work with the right partners at this point.” he added.