Remote Desktop and Security: TSplus 14.70 Has it All

Remote Desktop and Security: TSplus 14.70 Has it All

For the last 10 years, TSplus has offered Remote Desktop solutions designed to provide secure remote access from anywhere.

With TSplus installed on their servers, organizations are able to improve security, centralize app management and reduce IT overhead.

Today, TSplus enables organizations to deliver fully functioning virtual Windows desktops and the applications that employees need, on any type of device. It allows users to be productive anywhere by providing a Windows desktop experience accessible via web browser from workstations, tablets and Smartphones, regardless of the Operating System.

TSplus Version 14.70 is the Remote Desktop solution companies need to ensure business continuity with smooth transition to home office when needed. The TSplus Web application portal is a great solution for organizations that need to give their employees the ability to work from home. It’s easy to set up, and administrators can customize it with a nice corporate design. Moreover, it is extremely secure.

TSplus Offers the Best Remote Desktop Security

At TSplus, Remote Desktop security has long been the top priority. Administrators can select from a wide range of options to enforce protective rules for their users and remote servers. A few examples of the tools available: Active Directory, Web credentials, SSL certificates, Lockout feature, etc.

As threats change and grow, TSplus Security experts perform exhaustive research to stay in front of today’s Remote Desktop threats and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. That’s how the add-ons TSplus 2FA and TSplus Advanced Security were added to the range of TSplus products. With the COVID-19 crisis, systems are more vulnerable and attacks are increasing.

Listening to the customer needs, TSplus keeps improving its solution to maintain the highest level of protection. Additionally, every Windows update is studied and tested in order to ensure the highest levels of compatibility.

Here is just a small sample of the improvements included in TSplus 14.70:

  • TSplus 14.70 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
  • Updating to the newest TSplus version directly from the AdminTool is quick and easy
  • Free Generation of SSL certificate Security is ensured with the update of OpenSSL library to its latest version (1.1.1k)
  • Ghostscript, the included driver to read PDF and Adobe files in full security, has been updated to its latest version (9.54.0)
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft latest update: Patch Tuesday 13/04/21

Read the online changelog to know more.