1st Platform in France That Connects Professionals (More Than 80 Professions) and Individuals in Touch With Each Other for Home Services 1st Platform in France That Connects Professionals (More Than 80 Professions) and Individuals in Touch With Each Other for Home Services is a platform that puts professionals (more than 80 professions today) in the health, home services, and construction sectors in touch with private individuals throughout France.

With just one click, an individual can make an appointment with a doctor, plumber or hairdresser for a home service. The platform is aimed at everyone, whether they are short of time or unable to travel (e.g. people with reduced mobility).

Why is the platform a must on the French market?

L’AIM (L’Association Information et Management) estimates that the average time spent searching for information without finding it is 7.5 hours per week, i.e. a little over an hour per day.

If we defer this information to the search of a professional, the individual uses precious time without finding a solution, despite the digitalization of the world today.

Numerous platforms follow one another on the French market, offering an average of 5 professions in a single sector of activity. allows you to go from 1 hour of research per day to less than 5 minutes to find the home professional you need in 3 main sectors that meet the daily needs of individuals, and to make an appointment.

Moreover, following numerous tests with young, old and elderly people, the platform is ergonomic and meets all the conditions for simple and efficient use on computers, tablet,s and smartphones.

What are the advantages over other competing platforms?

In the French market, there is no direct competition on this scale, but rather on a small scale. Indeed, the platforms are very specialized in a single field, whether it be health with certain liberal professions, services, or even construction. Their business models vary for individuals with subscriptions or commissions visible or included in the price displayed on the platform, some remain free.

As far as is concerned, making an appointment as well as registering is totally free, and the individual can find any professional he needs in one click and keep the contact of the professional in his appointment history. The price of the service is that of the professional directly.

In the case of professionals, these same platforms take high commissions (in the case of hairdressing, for example, this reaches 20% commission per service performed), in the context of health, subscriptions are for the most part twice as expensive per month reaching up to €130/month, and in the context of construction, many platforms charge up to €80 for contact only without guaranteeing the work.

With the exception of the health sector, the other sectors essentially operate by invitation to tender.

Today, many professionals are unsubscribing from these platforms because the investment is higher than the gain. 1st Platform in France That Connects Professionals (More Than 80 Professions) and Individuals in Touch With Each Other for Home Services

At, we help professionals to develop, we do not take any commission or additional expenses, and we do not function by call for tender system.

This allows professionals to increase their turnover without being charged by the platform, to increase their visibility, to develop their customer/patient loyalty, to develop their brand image and above all, to work with us in complete confidence, for the price of a coffee a day.

And the competitors abroad…? wishes to develop very quickly in Western Europe and then internationally.

“More than 4,100,000 professionals are concerned by our platform, whether they are self-employed, freelancers, or micro-entrepreneurs, in the health, home services, and construction sectors. According to a market study in 2021, 88% of professionals will have difficulties managing their schedules. In addition, following the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have experienced a drop in activity and therefore cash flow, so they are experiencing difficulties in finding customers but also in making themselves known, knowing that an average basket of google ads varies between 3000€ and 5000€ per month to hope to be visible in some professions.

We are therefore here to help these companies to get back on track and to develop their activities positively at a low cost.

On the private side, we want to respond to services for all, and care for all, in the home with free appointments and no additional cost in addition to the service of their profession.”