Renesar Deunida, SARTiNE CEO, Says Social Media Absolute Game-Changer for Advertisers

Renesar Deunida, SARTiNE CEO, Says Social Media Absolute Game-Changer for Advertisers
Renesar Deunida, SARTiNE CEO

Social media has inarguably changed the game plan for advertisers, marketers, and brand developers, offering unbelievable opportunities to promote products and services to a massive audience while establishing a strong brand name.

The change was revolutionary compared to how they market brands 10 years ago when social media was simply a space for people to gather and connect—and has eventually developed to become a perfect landscape for advertisers.

From traditional media of television, print, and radio, advertisers have found a gold mine in social media.

The difference? The feedback loop that they establish directly from millions of consumers all around the world said Renesar A. Deunida, the Chief Executive Officer of the Philippines’ leading digital advertising company, SARTiNE.

“A few years back, all commercial ads from both TV and newspaper have no human interaction; you simply air or publish the ads for the people to see. With social media, everyone is allowed to react like, comment, or share the posted ads, eliciting engagement and widening the brand’s reach,” Deunida explained.

The magic word, said Deunida, is “engagement.”

“With social media, there’s engagement, consumers engaging directly to the brand developers and the brand itself. You don’t have this in the traditional media. This definitely changed the landscape of the advertising industry,” he added.

“Advertisers not only promote their brands through social media but also take advantage of its massive reach to protect their brands’ reputation in times of crisis,” Deunida enthused.

Skilled with decades of expertise in information technology and innovation after working for the United Nations and HSBC as Information Technology (IT) specialist for 20 years, Deunida revealed that social media is the ultimate power behind seven-year-old SARTiNE.

“Most companies nowadays are spending millions on quality content and materials for social media advertising, not for traditional media,” he said.

For 2022, a leading market and consumer data provider, Statista, projected that ad spending in the social media advertising segment will reach $230 billion, with an estimated ad spending growth of 27 percent.

“The consumers are on social media, all kinds of them, and advertisers must follow,” Deunida said.