REVIEW: USPA Nationwide Security Expands Their Titanium Service

USPA has expanded their boutique close protection service, once set aside for calls from American Express Centurion Concierge, now open to all high net-worth individuals and celebrities

REVIEW: USPA Nationwide Security Expands Their Titanium Service
USPA Nationwide Security

Just hours before rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot during a robbery in Los Angeles, USPA announced that they’ve expanded their Titanium Service, a VIP concierge-style protective service for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Prior to the public launch of the Titanium service line, USPA set aside teams of highly trained individuals to respond to last-minute concierge calls from Centurion card holders, commonly referred to as the “Black Card.”

Military Veterans Protecting Celebrities

Utilizing their conglomeration of military veterans, transitioned to civilian protective teams across the globe, USPA’s Titanium Service has been protecting high net-worth individuals in plain sight, but my guess is that most people never knew. Chances are, if you’ve visited A-list resorts, such as Eden Rock in St. Barts, Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy or Velassaru Maldives, you’ve unknowingly encountered team members of USPA’s Titanium Service.  From their security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams, to their leads and escort teams, security drivers and even medics, this highly subtle team is both effective in terms of the protection they provide and invisible to the untrained eye in terms of their presence.

Risk Mitigation for VIP’s and High-Net-Worth Individuals

Los Angeles was just reminded about how public figures are exposed to heightened personal risk due to their status and net worth. Rapper PnB Rock was killed just last night during a robbery. “Our Titanium service, just like our executive protection division, performs strategic risk assessment and advanced planning for our celebrity clientele, long before they arrive at events and even a last-minute dinner” explained USPA’s VP and Titanium Program Administrator, Brian Fitzgibbons. “What we call “off the record” movements need a preliminary check and the placement of a static surveillance operator before our principal (protected person) arrives.” Off the record movements are last-minute stops outside of the pre-planned route that team members act on. This is common with celebrity clientele, especially younger pop stars, who like to change their plans several times per day. A 24-hour command center is tracking and overseeing the entire operation from a Manhattan office. Autonomous drones often hover over areas where the Titanium teams operate – capturing live video feeds and relaying the data to the command center.

About USPA Nationwide Security

USPA is an international close protection service. Providing close protection officers and armed security for high-net-worth individuals on 6 continents. The firm also serves the USA with fire watch service and traditional security guards in most major cities in North America. 

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