Ringover to Provide Strategic Integrations With Slack and Jira for Streamlined Communication

Ringover to Provide Strategic Integrations With Slack and Jira for Streamlined Communication
Montrouge Offices. © Ringover

Ringover, a leader in cloud communications, has announced its strategic integrations with both Slack, the collaboration hub, and Jira, the global project management software, helping customers to centralize their communication needs through multiple channels. This news comes on the back of the company’s recent announcement of fundraising $18M in 2021 for its US Expansion.

Following this announcement, Ringover is now one of the very few cloud communications systems in the world that integrate with Jira, making it a one-of-a-kind partnership.

Ringover was founded in Paris in 2005 and its flagship software launched in 2018 with the mission to simplify all business phone needs into one. The app boasts an exceptionally user-friendly interface with highly customizable features that seamlessly integrate with leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk, and more.

Slack’s primary service is a workplace communication tool. Its functionalities include: messaging, file sharing, voice and video conferencing, and can be easily integrated with other tools. Ringover’s integration with Slack enables customers to access channels where they can monitor call and text activity.

Ringover will be specifically working with Jira Service Desk, which is an add-on developed for IT teams. Call center managers, helpdesk agents, and other support professionals use Jira Service Desk for issue ticketing, incident management, and change management. Jira will connect internal support to Ringover tech teams, allowing for faster management of customer issues via a ticket system. Ringover will also be able to provide connection to Jira service desks through direct calls for Jira customers.

“At Ringover, we’re building a future in which people can communicate seamlessly no matter where they are or what channel they are using. Integrating our platform with both Slack and Jira allows us to streamline the process of communication for our customers. This strategic decision also allows us to expedite our internal processes through quicker issue management, allowing us to bring together our support and tech teams, taking us one step closer to a seamless connected user experience.” says Renaud Charvet, CEO at Ringover.

Both integrations are currently live and available for use by customers from all three companies.