Scarbrough Warehousing Expands Capacity With New Facility Near Kansas City

Scarbrough Warehousing Expands Capacity With New Facility Near Kansas City

Scarbrough Warehousing, a company within The Scarbrough Group, will move into an all-new fully-racked Class A 3PL facility near Kansas City with 226,000 square feet by summer 2021.

The move comes on the heels of growth in the e-commerce and fulfillment spaces, allowing Scarbrough Warehousing to continue scaling its operations to meet new demand. Increased space, modernized equipment, and expanded growth potential position Scarbrough Warehousing to further support The Scarbrough Group’s end-to-end 3PL solutions.

Expanded Space, Enhanced Facility

The new warehouse facility allows Scarbrough to both expand its logistics capacity and upgrade its equipment.

Sheer space is among the top advantages available with the Liberty warehouse facility. Its 226,000 square feet provides the size and flexibility needed to grow and adapt with an ever-changing logistics landscape. In addition, the facility will be fully racked in order to utilize the 36′ clear-height to its fullest extent.

Practical Location North of Kansas City

Located just off I-35 and I-435 in Liberty, MO, the new space offers access to the Kansas City region’s robust interstate crossroads. From cross-country trucking to regional order fulfillment, the strategic position supports prompt and effective shipping.

Positioning for Success

Moving warehousing operations to the new Liberty building sets up both Scarbrough itself and its logistics partners for sustained growth, industry agility, and practical efficiency. Scarbrough Warehousing will operate with a modernized facility that accommodates the latest industry trends and practices to support a broad spectrum of warehousing needs.

The new Liberty facility expands operating capacity and capabilities. Between robust space, practical locality, and up-to-date furnishings, Scarbrough has the resources needed to continue evolving with the industry.

Finally, the new warehouse location supports The Scarbrough Group’s overall growth as an end-to-end global 3PL provider. From factory to front door, Scarbrough Warehousing and the other four Scarbrough Group companies seek to do logistics differently.

Scarbrough Warehousing will start full-time operations at the new facility in Liberty starting summer 2021.