Senior Executives Association (SEA) Responds to OMB Memo on Organizational Health, Performance

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Senior Executives Association

Marcus Hill, Chair for the Board of Directors for the Senior Executives Association (SEA)–representing the interests of over 8,000 career federal executives in the Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), Scientific and Professional (ST) and equivalent positions and other senior career federal leaders, including our General Schedule members–released the following statement regarding the April 13, 2023 Memorandum by the Office of Management and Budget on Measuring, Monitoring, and Improving Organizational Health and Organizational Performance in the Context of Evolving Agency Work Environments (M-23-15):

“It is undeniably critical that agencies take a data driven and balanced approach to telework and flexible work policies. Telework remains a crucial recruitment and retention tool in a highly competitive labor market and has proved to enhance employee wellbeing. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo appropriately prioritizes organizational health and performance and encourages the government to use evidence to guide decision-making in this area. As agencies develop their plans, evidence from the last three years of agencies’ ability to maintain efficiency and excellence in the delivery of taxpayer services while utilizing remote work should guard against a reversal from existing policies back to pre-pandemic norms,” Hill said.

“OMB’s emphasis on agency flexibility, evidence-based policy, and balance is commendable. SEA encourages OMB to increase upfront stakeholder engagement on memoranda impacting the workforce. Earlier and broader engagement in this case would have greatly strengthened this memo. Many agency leaders, Chief Human Capital Officers, and employee organizations are already working on crafting policies exactly like what OMB directed. These policies rely upon data and experience in considering some employees’ desire to work remotely and balancing the need for on-site work. Stakeholder engagement mitigates duplicative efforts and garners buy-in from those executing the guidance. SEA recommends that OMB actively engage stakeholders during the implementation of this guidance and be responsive to relevant feedback. SEA looks forward to continuing to advocate for our constituents and supporting OMB in developing and implementing policies that promote good government,” Hill concluded.